Fulvia Friday – Holiday Sightings (with non-Fulvia Friends)

If Fulvia Friday is now being furnished by people spotting Fulvias whilst on vacation, does that mean it’s becoming a thing?

My thanks to Ian B, who spotted this Series 2 Fulvia while visiting his native England on holiday from Australia. The car is at a second-hand showroom owned by a guy named Dave Fox, in Stone, Staffordshire. His business seems to specialise in some very, very nice machinery (see below).

First, the Fulvia…..

As you can see, the car is in a small-ish showroom so the angles are a bit tight for photos. The car spent its early life in South Africa so it wasn’t a rusty basket case, but it did require some bits from this slowly decomposing blue Fulvia, below:

Ian was also kind enough to get a few shots of some of the other vehicles in and around the building.

This looks very much like my kind of place. I’ll take the Montreal, the Quattro and the Renault, thanks!

My thanks to Ian for thinking of me and sending these in. If you happen to spot a Fulvia on your travels – be it on holidays or simply parked outside your local butcher shop while you’re getting a dozen sausages – please feel free to let me know.

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  1. There is a nice example, in red, on Petrolicious in the Italian Coupes… Available Now post. A 1972 Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1.3 S for sale in Germany for €14,990.