Wednesday Snippets: Hot or Not, V8 Jag, Shannons 928, 912alicious

Porsche 928S

I mentioned earlier in the week that I had 928 fever, right?

Sooooo …… Monday night was very nearly a big night in our household.

The Shannons 2014 Summer Auction was held in Melbourne and I had a specific interest, having registered to bid at the event. My eyes were on this white Porsche 928S from 1986.

The car had a super-clean mechanical inspection report. The only faults mentioned were the aircon system not cooling and the sunroof not working. When looking at a 928, those are amongst the least of your worries. A friend in Melbourne (Gavin – who’s written here occasionally and owns a most glorious Alfa Sprint) went and took a look at it for me and the report from him was overwhelmingly positive, too. I went into Monday night feeling nervous about the auction process but confident about the car.

I needn’t have worried about nervousness. The auction went beyond the limit I’d set myself pretty quickly. I budgeted around $11K for the car. That would mean around a $14-15K cost once I got here to Hobart, got it registered and a basic service.

The car sold for $12.5K.

So, I didn’t get my 928 but looking at the silver lining to that cloud, it was a positive exercise in self-restraint and the money I didn’t spend will allow Mrs Swade and I to travel to Sweden next year for the 2015 Saab Festival!


Hot Or Not?

I saw some early publicity for a few new hot hatches this week and the paintwork had me wondering – are they hot or not?

First, the Renault Sport RS275 Megane Trophy, which gets a dollop of flouro orange on it’s white premise:


And second, the new Peugeot 208 GTi 30th Anniversary, which looks like they’ve dipped a red car in black chocolate:


The Swadeology verdict – Yes to the Pug but No to the Renault.

What say ye?


V8 Jags

I was roundly mocked when I revealed my desire for an older Jaguar with a V8 conversion but can now revel in justification as Bring-A-Trailer featured three such cars in just a few days this week 🙂

A Dutch Mk II with a Rover V8 installed:

A Series 1 XJ6 with a Chevy V8 installed in Connecticut:

And…. another Jaguar Mk II with a Chevy V8 in Maryland.

I’ve always been interested in an XJ6 conversion myself, but those Mark II’s sure look pretty sweet. I’d take the third one if I had the choice.

Consider it back on the long term list!


Porsche 912

The Porsche 912 is one of an increasingly long line of cars that I’ve noticed just before they shot up in price (hint – get your good 928’s now as the price is only going to go up).

Petrolicious released this Porsche 912 video this morning. The close-up videography can be annoying, but the video does give you a very nice taste of the 912. The key, as always, is that it’s so much fun to drive slow cars fast.

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    1. That was an immediate and resounding ‘yes’, too 🙂

      I’d echo that on the Pug, but Renault have done better on previous editions, I reckon.

      1. The way I see it is I would not buy a French car for subtlety. The more outlandish it is the better. I would love a RenaultSport Megane or Clio. The Pug is meant to be a great car until you drive any of its competition. Seems about the best drive in that market is the Fiesta ST. Pity it is so girly looking and has a dash that looks like a Sony stereo system…

    1. Can’t say I’ve ever considered it. Do like MG’s, though.

      The Jag fetish is because my Dad introduced me to them as a teenager. Have loved them ever since, but never had one.

  1. Had Tom Cruze not slid across the floor in his undies, the 928 might be worth a lot more now than it currently is. Always loved that glorious V8 growl. Nothing like it even today.
    It has aged so much better than a 635 from the same year, and cheaper too!

  2. Not a hot hatch man myself, but I can see the reasons why they exist. As living in Sweden and being used to French cars on the roads I think Peugeot’s sportier cars are often a bit more refined/stylish than their main competitors. I remember back in the mid-eighties when I just loved the 205 GTI. Sport and style, compared to (at the time) the main rival Golf GTI that was more rough but boring.

  3. If I am solely going on the paintwork — I know nothing about the cars, I have to take the Peugeot over the Renault.

    This is why I love this site — the diversity. I am a true SAAB enthusiast and in the past only wanted to read about, look at and study SAABs. Some of the classics and even some of the newer cars being shown here, I never knew existed.

    I do love the the classics!

  4. If you put the black wheels from the Renault on the Pug….then yes. The orange wheels are just a bit too much for my taste. The red butt on the Renault just looks weird. As for the Jags….pure class!

  5. Not crazy about either hot hatch. Matte paint jobs are definitely passé. The big problem with them is that they emulate primer. I’m sure I see five home-made matte jobs for every real one, so the real ones make you wonder if the insurance cheque hasn’t come through. Also, the Peugeot’s back wheels should be red. The Renault is a mix of colours and textures that also makes it look like a hack job. The close-but-not-matching shades on the wheels, sticker kit, and front bumper are especially unfortunate.

    Not sure that the 928 will appreciate much. Aircooled 911s (and 912s) have two unique properties: they drive like nothing else, and they are relatively cheap to maintain. Neither applies to the 928. By the way, the 928 is also considered a good recipient for a Chevy V8 transplant.

    1. I don’t think 928’s will rise much, either, but they’ve certainly risen a little and stabilised in the last 12 months – here in Australia. 18 months ago you could take your pick of desirable models for well under $20K. S4’s would top out around $20K. Now most of the S4’s are 20% higher than that and the majority of 928’s for sale here in Oz are over $15K.

  6. Beecham used to do jaguar V8 conversions in New Zealand,
    the Megane looks good and a family member has just passed 400,000 km’s in a 2008 Laguna diesel,
    would swap the 208 for the RCZ.

  7. I love the V8 conversions…..really good stuff.

    The 912 film is well done and it does catch the feeling. The frog in the toque explains it well.

    Now the 928. A very good friend of mine had one when they were new. I remember visiting him years ago when he had it. I was driving a twin tubo Nissan 350ZX at the time. I had driven it up the coast highway through Big Sur and above Monterey to the area near Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside CA where my friend lived. So I had a good feel for the ZX by then.

    We drove his 928 and the ZX and traded back and forth……..the ZX was so much better in every way.

    I am not a Japanese car guy and I had just borrowed the ZX from NIssan, but based on driving dynamics and fun the ZX was so much better.

    The 928 was a tank by comparison.

    Maintaining one of those things is a chore too. Very complicated and expensive. And as you know I am a Porsche guy…..well with an early 911 long hood bias!!

    Swade, in my mind you lucked out with having a firm ceiling to your bid.

  8. If he was meant to have it, it would have bought him.
    So, maybe ‘Carma’ has saved the day…who knows?
    There’s always another one out there.