Support Jim’s Cancer Ride – Please

It’s that time of year again, when I invite you to support a Saab friend has he rides his bike to raise money for cancer research.

DSC_0387 (2)Right: Keeping calm and carrying on.

This is Jim’s 5th time riding the Pan-Mass Challenge and that’s significant. Not only is it his second year riding cancer-free, it’s the first time he’ll have more Pan-Mass challenges under his belt than cancer treatments.

Jim’s a four-time cancer survivor, which is why this chance for him to give back is so important. It’s become important to me to support a mate, too. Either Saabs United or Swadeology has raised money four of those five rides. The only one I missed was the one where I didn’t have an active website.

Jim’s participation in this event has been an unqualified success. He’s raised nearly $45,000 for the Dana Farber Cancer Center and over the course of the Pan Mass Challenge, the event has raised nearly half a billion-with-a-B dollars.

A cure for cancer is the ultimate goal, but Jim himself is proof positive that even without a cure, effective treatment extends and enriches the lives of thousands of patients and their families. If you’ve ever been touched by cancer in your family, then you know how important this cause is.

Cancer is an equal-opportunity asshole of a disease. It doesn’t discriminate. It can hurt anyone – rich, poor, young or old. But it CAN be fought. And anything that you can do to help will come back to you in one way or another. Believe me.

I’ve just kicked in my contribution for this year and I sincerely hope you do the same.

You can contribute to Jim’s ride by clicking on this link: Support Jim Coggs

Thanks so much.


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  1. Steven,

    Please ask Jim Coggs for a paypal account email, always much esaier…..

  2. Thanks for interest in supporting this fantastic cause. You won’t find a better one. I think it’s actually easier to visit the link in blog to make a donation and than Paypal. That way a donation goes directly to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and not to me. You will get an immediate confirmation of your tax deductible contribution. If it were to go to me via Paypal it would not be deductible. If you are worried about privacy – over 500 people have sponsored my rides over the years. Not a soul has been added to a mailing list so please don’t worry about getting spam mails as a result. On the flip side, I’m reluctant to post my Paypal account on a public blog. Hope you understand and I can still count on your support.

    1. The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute can easily open a Paypal account, as millions have one worldwide. They should do this as many will give a small amount easily then

      I have contributed before to your fundraising.

      Thanks anyway

      1. Agreed, glad to have you back. July 24 is a long time ago. Would like to see an article on tuning programs, like Maptun.

        Just a thought.