Please Support Jim’s Ride to Kill Cancer

This feels kind of awkward. My basis for asking you all to support this ride in the past has been partly based on me working my ass off to provide you with entertaining material to read. I work, therefore I get tacit permission to ask you to help my friend Jim Coggeshall in a great cause.

I haven’t worked my ass off on this site, this year. In fact, it was only seven blog posts ago that I asked you to support Jim’s ride in the 2015 Pan Mass Challenge. I haven’t exactly been idle in that time, but I’ve been working for the benefit of my employer and it’s been buuuusyyyyyy. I might be lacking that tacit permission but I’m going to ask anyway. If any of you are still reading, then I hope you consider making a contribution.

Jim CoggeshallSo here we are again. The Pan Mass Challenge actually took place last weekend. Jim even rode an extra 100 miles the day before the official event so that he could say he covered the entire state! As it is every year, the Pan Mass Challenge is both a fund-raiser and a celebration of Jim’s health as a 4-zip undefeated winner against cancer. It’s also a marker to remember those who have fallen to the disease and a reminder that the fight against cancer isn’t over.

Everyone knows someone who’s been touched by the disease. I’d wager everyone’s got a family member who’s been touched by it. Most of you know I lost my father to cancer 31 years ago. Just last month, one of my first-cousins received his diagnosis at far too young an age.

On August 28th I’ll be visiting Swedish Car Day in Boston. This is the event I attended back in 2010 as a guest of Pierre and the folks at Charles River Saab. This year I’ll be coming back to one of the great Swedish car shows and I am fortunate enough to be representing Koenigsegg. I’ll bring a couple of Koenigsegg souvenirs with me to raise some money for Jim’s campaign. I hope all you Saab fans in the north-east will be attending.

In the lead up to that event, I’ll spend a couple of days with Jim. I might even get a little time behind the wheel of his superb Saab Sonett III if I behave myself. It’s going to be great to catch up with him again.

All the money raised during the Pan Mass Challenge goes to support the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

Thanks to all the rider sponsors we reached the goal of $45,000,000 in 2015. In doing so we raised the historical event donation total to half a billion dollars. That’s billion with a B! I’ve always been amazed that a bunch of cyclists and their sponsors can do that in just one summer weekend, and do it year after year. There is truly no event that even comes close to this anywhere in the world. Every single penny pledged to a rider goes directly to the DFCI. All overhead is covered by benefactors & corporate sponsors.

I’ve made my contribution right before hitting ‘Publish’ on this post. I hope you make yours, too.


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  1. Hello Mr. Wade and thanks for always posting the information on this worthy cause. I will be attending SCD and I will definitely support Coggs again this year.

    I can’t wait to see what you bring, I can definitely go for some Koenigsegg gear!!!!