Notes from New York – Part 2 – it’s all about PhoeniX

Today was day 2 in New York City, leading up to Saab’s PhoeniX Concept getting it’s official US unveiling at the New York International Auto Show. Today was all about PhoeniX.


Whenever a new Saab is unveiled, I’ve always taken great effort in telling people not to judge it from photos. People are very passionate about Saab design and that passion tends to lead to strong reactions when something new comes along. I tell people again and again……. You have to go to an event and see the car for yourself, for real.

I’m going to have to add a new element to this mantra of mine – it’s also highly recommended, wherever possible, to go and see a new car in an outdoor setting.

Last night, the bystanders who saw PhoeniX at the night time photo shoot absolutely loved the car. Go read their quotes for yourself, if you like.

Today, I met up with a few friends who were covering the PhoeniX press event. Jeff P is one of the writers for Saabs United. Steve C is a big Saab fan and is attending the auto show press events due to his work with the National Motorists Association. Today was the first time seeing PhoeniX for both of them and I think it’s fair to say that both of them were quite smitten by the end of the encounter.

So…. see it for yourself, and if the rare opportunity presents, see it outdoors, where it can mingle with buildings and other cars like it would in a more real world scenario.


Jeff and Steve were just a part of the automotive press contingent who came down to Chelsea Piers today to view PhoeniX and have a chat with Jason Castriota.

The weather didn’t play into our hands, but there were still a good number who came out and took a guided tour around the car with the man responsible for its design. Here are a few photos showing how the morning unfolded.

Spare a thought for these guys. Today’s press viewing was the final part of a photo shoot that began at 10pm and continued all through the night, finishing at 1pm today. They’d been awake the whole time, looking after PhoeniX.

I couldn’t resist. This is me taking a photo of a man (SCNA photographer, Len) who’s taking a photo of a man (Top Gear photographer, Joe) taking a photo of a man (Jason Castriota). If anyone was taking a photo of me at the time, please pass it on.

Jason Castriota giving one of many guided tours of the car today. A brave effort, given the conditions.

Anders holds the remote keys that everyone would love to get their hands on – the keys to PhoeniX.

Mother Nature didn’t serve us well today, but PhoeniX still managed to shine on the grounds of Chelsea Piers in New York. Chelsea Piers is a very busy sports complex on the banks of the river and PhoeniX put a smile on the faces of many people passing by, too.

Loading up, in waiting for the big unveiling at the New York International Auto Show on Thursday morning. The car will be hidden away until then.


I shot the following video towards the end of today’s press event. Unfortunately there was just a little too much ambient noise for the camera to catch the engine and exhaust note properly. I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing PhoeniX in motion, nonetheless.


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  1. Great work. And you’re right, you have to see a car in metal, at best in it’s natural environment, the street. Saw the Phoenix at Geneva and it was totally different from the pics I saw before. For me it beats the AeroX.

  2. This site is so vivid, you really feel part of the company, its people, the products, as if being there yourself. Great work Saab by letitng Swade do this, great work Swade for doing this!

    The Turn. When the PhoeniX turns it looks like it is arcing itself “thx” to the camera. That is blogger style – not company PR work. I love it.

    The flatness of the car amazes. Still wondering about the “Stirnfläche” of this car. Apart from the quoted 0.25 low Cd value I guess the frontal area is relative small.

    Meanwhile I enjoy this!

  3. Good to see you’re enjoying your new job Swade, enjoy New York, and thanks for continuing the good work.

  4. Thanks for the video, it looks so great in motion. Moving slow like that gives the impression of a stealthy cat on the hunt for prey.

  5. Hi Swade,

    Thanks for the interesting coverage and the video was a great chance to see and hear the PhoeniX. I am still so sad that I can’t make New York this week but thankful Saab has you there to cover things for the rest of us.