The Saab stand at the New York International Auto Show

Greetings all, from an early morning start at the New York International Auto Show. The press corps is still filing in and it won’t get really hectic at the Saab stand until tomorrow.

That’s not to say there isn’t already plenty of interest, however. Plans seem to change pretty quickly around here and contrary to the plan I shared here yesterday, PhoeniX is on display today and the cameras are already clicking.

It’s an all-new product lineup on the Saab stand today. As well as PhoeniX, we have the Independence Edition 9-3 Convertible, the Saab 9-5 SportCombi and a Saab 9-4x in white. When the public days begin on Friday, a Saab 9-5 sedan will be added to the lineup.

The Saab stand is well placed inside “Level 3” of the Javits Center (curiously, Level 3 is on the same physical level as Level 1 but separated by a wall). Saab are quite central within the hall and surrounded by Porsche, Jaguar, Volvo, Lotus, Spyker, Acura and Audi. That’s a good neighborhood to be in.

We’ll have more from New York as the day progresses.



I had a request in comments to add a photo of the tailgate of the 9-5 SportCombi. Here it is….

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    1. It’s a smaller area than Geneva, Jeff. But still a good space. There are a number of tables, etc, to the left that you can’t see in that photo.

  1. Swade, will Saab release spec’s, prices and timeframe for the 9-5 SC on the US market? Can’t wait to order one…

  2. Hi Swade! The big Apple is lots of fun — I would be there but I just bought a 9-3x combi — And it’s too much fun playing with a new car !!! Really cool to see the reactions of people to the PhoeniX! I never knew Saab made ugly cars…..

  3. Sawde, thank you so much for your coverage. I just bought tickets for the NY auto show this Saturday. It will be my first auto show ever, and I am beyond excited to see the PhoeniX! I am a full-blooded Saab enthusiast and proud owner of 2. Keep up the great work!

  4. Saab stand looks really really cool! And finally Saab is right there with other premium cars.

    I like the idea of InsideSaab – so thanks to Saab & Swade. I´m really looking forward to read what Swade has to say and what´s going on with Saab. Excellent way to connect customers.

    Man I love the PhoeniX. I wish I´d see it in person some day. It must be astonishing as it is already on the pictures.

  5. Btw Steven, you don´t know how happy I am when I checked international and saw your pic with text Inside Saab by Swade on the main view. This is something that doesn´t happen in the real world.
    …Except in the world of Saab! 😀

  6. Hi Swade, Great to see you and your new Inside Saab website and your great writing and helping the Social Media get out to all of us Saab Fans, Sales people, the world. Nice photos as always. Now someday when you are in the L.A. area autoshows I can meet you.

  7. Hot stuff like always Swade! Could you get some pics of the underside of the PhoeniX? Preferably the rear axle?

  8. The Saab booth likes great in the pictures. Certainly among some great company on the floor but not out classed with those cars. Wish I could get done to see it in the flesh. I would if you could get them to change their mind and let me drive that 9-3 Indy Vert home when the show is over.

  9. It seems that Saab have to sprint to catch the 80,000 target most relys on the American market this year right?