Notes from New York – Part 4 – The art edition

Holy cow!

That’s not a statement of exasperation. It’s what I had for dinner tonight – one of the steaks that New York is famous for. If you’re ever here, check out Ben & Jack’s near the corner of 28th and 5th. You won’t need to eat for days, which is a good thing because you won’t have any money left for days, either.

No complaints from me about the price, though. First, I was the gracious recipient of a good friend’s hospitality :-), and second, you don’t mind paying a bit more for quality. I think there’s a lesson there somewhere……


Today, of course, was press conference day and if you haven’t seen the press conference yet, you can watch our HD reproduction press conference video.

Some of you may be wondering why Inside Saab hasn’t commented on the supplier situation that Saab has been facing. It’s because Saab is a listed company and this is a Saab website, one that therefore can’t provide running commentary on an ongoing business situation when that commentary may effect the company’s share price.

Victor Muller did, however, address the issue in his message to the assembled media and you can hear his full message in that video (I strongly encourage you to do so). As one might expect from the Chairman in such sober circumstances and at an Auto Show setting, Victor was quite direct, open and up front about the situation and the pending resolution.

He had media interviews galore all day, so I’m sure there will be plenty of press reportage forthcoming.


PhoeniX has been the star of the show once again, but of course this New York show also saw the US debut of the Saab 9-5 SportCombi, which has drawn plenty of attention from the crowd.

“The crowd”, in this instance, includes a certain Mr Robert Lutz when he got a guided tour of the stand, as well as a certain Mrs Castriota (who, incidentally, saw PhoeniX in the metal for the first time today, and loved it).


I thought some of you might be interested in seeing PhoeniX’s classic-900-style hood in action….. almost. It’s not raised, but just moved forward a-la the Saab 900, prior to being raised. It’s great to see they went to that level of detail on a concept car.


Finally, a little bit of Saab art. I got a new camera this week for use here on Inside Saab and I couldn’t help but use it to record some of the more interesting shapes on show around the Saab stand.


I’d like to thank all of my friends from the Saab community who dropped by at the New York Auto Show to say hello and check out the Saab stand. They range from journalists, Saab salespeople, Saab dealers and garden variety fans of the brand. The number was somewhat overwhelming (as was the wide-ranging access to press passes!)

Tomorrow (Friday) is my last morning at the New York Auto Show. It’s also the first public day of the show.

I’ll be there until around 1pm. If you get the opportunity to come in, please make sure you come to the Saab stand and say hello.

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  1. “….PhoeniX’s classic-900-style hood in action…..”, “moved forward a-la the Saab 900, prior to being raised. It’s great to see they went to that level of detail on a concept car.”

    Well, I think they went to that level of detail on a concept because, as Jason Castriota has said many times, the new 9-3 will have a face/front very similar of the concept, so they already have done the main engineering part of that hood for the production model as well.

  2. That open hood is just as you say a classic 900 hood opening, but if you study it a bit more, isn’t that more like the old saab 96/95 hood in terms of shape and hood opening?
    Could this be JC:s contribution to VM small ” saab-saab”?

    Any how, good posting and a nice way of complement SU. More inside views and less speculation than SU. A perfect complement to each other.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your steak. Have fun with the public there today. Have a safe trip, great to meet up again.


    1. Meg, it was great to see you and Jeff on the weekend and I hope you enjoyed your time at the stand yesterday. The first public day, today, was absolutely fantastic for the few hours I was there. The 9-4x and 9-5 wagon proving to be especially popular.

  4. Fine steak and fine cars, you have the perfect life. Love the photos too Swade, very nice, that new camera must be a canon:)

  5. Steven absolutely loved it:) Could you tell by the amount of photos I took? Great finally meeting Curvin, seeing Steve C. and Pierre again. (of course saying hi to VM and meeting JC!) VM is unflappable, knowing how to work the press staying cool considering his lack of sleep and non-stop phone calls.

    The phoeniX in person is amazing beyond words. Liquid mercury, shape shifting to it’s surroundings.

    So glad to hear the 9-5 SC and 9-4x are drawing crowds. Hope by next week Saab will be back in the highlight in a positive way and the press takes advantage of this in print. Everyone is ready for a happy ending…..