Saab Press Conference from NYIAS

Following is the Saab press conference from the New York International Auto Show.

It’s 10 minutes in length and features Matthias Seidl (VP Global Sales and Aftersales), Victor Muller (Chairman) and Jason Castriota (Executive Director, Design).

Sorry it took a little long to get up here. Who knew HD video would take so long to process?

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  1. AN is reporting some of Mr. Muller’s comments this morning. As a NG9-5 owner, I really disagree with his statement – Saab did what it could afford to do – the marketing for the new 9-5 while not perfect, did reach its target audience. The surrounding financial problems and lack of the SportCombi may have been the larger factor. The worst mistake however, was sending the initial shipment of top-of-the-line V6 AWD 9-5s here to the United States without a sunroof. My dealer STILL has his initial stock of two V6 AWD 2010s without a sunroof for sale…at a price you would not believe. Saab needs to know their target market a little bit better. Perhaps this is where you can be of service.

    Here is the AN article.


    Saab Chairman Victor Muller admits he made a mistake with the redesigned Saab 9-5.

    Global sales for the Swedish automaker’s flagship are a disaster.

    The company tried unsuccessfully to woo a wide range of Saab enthusiasts around the globe with the new 9-5 after the Swedish automaker separated from GM in February 2010.

    The redesigned 9-5 is bigger and more powerful. The exterior styling gives the car a noticeable presence. Global sales finally began last summer.

    But here in the U.S., total first quarter sales tallied a miserable 327 units.

    “We could have done a better job” of marketing and introducing the car, Muller said during an interview at the New York auto show.

    The car is completely different than the 9-5 that was replaced, he said.

    But “we acted like nothing happened.”

    1. The new 9-5 is a really excellent car that redefines what Saab means in the segment. It is going to take some time for consumer perception to catch up to reality. Short of a massive ad campaign which Saab cannot afford, I’m not really sure what else they can do to make a short term splash in the US. Sure it was not optimal for the 2010’s not to have a sunroof, but I believe the choice was bring them over or wait another few months for the 2011’s. Saab is better off having some 9-5s without a sunroof in the US (that may be a tough sell) than having none at all until November or December.

  2. Thanks for your work Swade.
    Personally I think the pressconference was pretty lame, but I suppose that`s the way to roll right now.
    Guess what I`m doing this tuesday? Ordering a 95 SC Tid 160 hp Vector. Yes, a red one! 🙂

  3. Steven , have you seen Mr Jonsson ? His absence is notable today .Do you think that he has left the hand to Victor muller forever ? I guess he didn’t want to front the medias about the storm which affected Saab during those 2 last weeks .And it’s easy to understand .

  4. Brief and to the point, VM is getting the job done as best he can given the complexity of running a struggling car company. I don’t know how it can possible but with each and every day I am more proud to be a Saab owner!!!

  5. I guess that under the circumstances its fitting for Victor to be humble but i don’t think he needed to be that humble. But i hope the Swedish press and other suckers now will see he is not the Green Goblin. That he is an ordinary man, just like Superman when on Krypton.
    Swade, you should maybe ask the IT Department to fix you up with a 6-8 core, hyper threading processor laptop. That stuff is pretty worthless in everyday use but when it comes to video encoding its like night and day compared to the run of the mill stuff.