Another Saab mashup on the streets

It’s always interesting to see what sort of Saab-related oddities are out there in the world.

Last week it was the SaabViper making big waves on the internet – a Saab 9-3 SportCombi with a Dodge Viper engine.

This week, it’s something quite different……

It seems this Jeep CJ5 is the latest Saab mashup to get noticed. The car appeared at the Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals event staged last weekend in Pennsylvania. It’s a big gathering of vehicles from all around the United States and Saab always has a massive presence there.

Visitors to this year’s Carlisle show might have been a bit puzzled when they saw the Jeep parked amongst all the Swedish metal. All was made clear, though, when they looked under the hood.

From a little reading around the web, it seems the owner of the vehicle had a Jeep with no working engine, and a Saab engine laying around without a body. Why not bring them together?

The engine is a 2.3turbo and the Jeep is rear-wheel-drive.

My thanks to Mark M and Jim C for the images. More can be seen over at Thor’s Saabs @ Carlisle pages.

We’ll have more from Saabs @ Carlisle later. It looks like people had a great time there.

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  1. You should come next year! I am a board member of Central Penn Saab Club, who puts on the event, and officially invite you to come and enjoy the event with us and about 300 other Saab enthusiasts,,