Celebrating the Saab Convertible – Part 1

Saab are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the iconic Saab Convertible this year. And to help spread the love, we’re asking YOU to share your Saab convertible pictures and stories.

Our first entry in this series comes from Eelko B, in Holland, who has a stunning 1993 Saab 9-3 Convertible Turbo S which, as you’ll see below, is a true 4-seasons 4-seater.


I bought the Saab almost 2 years ago now, in exchange for my 1993 900 TSR. I am the third owner. The man I bought it from had bought it from his father.

It is from May 1993 and was originally a light pressure turbo. It was a special in Belgium in the colour Aubergine Mica and had a full wooden interior, including on the center console.

The former owner converted the car into an full pressure turbo with some extra boost and gave it brakes from a Saab 9000. This was all done by the Dutch Saab-guru Peter Haaima. It drives spectacularly smooth with plenty of power. It also has a 3″JT exhaust, which gives the car a beautiful sound.

Why does the Saab Convertible have so much appeal for me?

Firstly, the 900 Classic is an iconic car with a beautiful design and of course it’s Turbo technic. It is remarkably reliable, it is well thought out (key, handbrake, etc) and it is known for its safety features. Add to all this the fact that is a convertible and you have the most sexy, reliable, safe, fast and distinguished car ever!

It is also very practical, since it is a full 4-seater with a huge trunk and its thick, all weather roof, so I drive it the whole year round as my daily drive. Anytime it’s 6 degrees or more (and dry) I put down the roof, turn on the heater and drive like a king!


If you’d like to share your love for the Saab Convertible, please feel free to contact me and I’ll get in touch shortly.

My thanks to Eelko for kicking this series off in fine style.

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  1. To me, personally, this car with that particular color and trim is the embodiment of saabishness.
    I crave one just like it and yet another one without fabric roofing because that would be more practical in winter time.