Saabosphere – Saab links we liked this week

It’s time for our weekly round-up of Saab stories that caught our eye this week.


Back at Easter time, I visited the Bilsport custom car show at Elmia, Jönkoping. At that particular show, I took this particular photograph…..

That’s a Saab 9-3 SportCombi body fitted to the chassis of a Dodge Viper. Of course, it was just one photo amongst many and didn’t grab too much attention.

It seems someone has passed the story of this radical project around, however. It was picked up by Jalopnik early in the week and has spread like wildfire around the internet since then. Those of you with Swedish reading skills (or Google Translate) can also read the Saab 9-3 / Viper V10 build thread.

I’ve recently met one of the guys involved in the project and am hoping to see more of this vehicle’s development in the near future. I know it’s not a “Saab Saab” but there’s something very alluring about the whole thing, isn’t there?


Whilst we might be indifferent towards the song, this Saab video mashup was most enjoyable.

Kudos to Saablime (and ps…. he’s also done a really cool 99Turbo video that fans of the model will love, too)


I felt incredibly proud when I read this letter/editorial at Dagens Industri on Friday.

Saab has been analysed by just about every analyst on the planet in the last few months. It was nice to see the company respond with a well-reasoned and inspiring piece of writing.

Those without Swedish skills will need to copy and paste the text into an online translator.


I linked to Jalopnik earlier in this entry. Here’s another one.

Their Question of the Day today is What’s the most iconic turbocharged car?

They answer it themselves before opening comments for others to contribute. Thankfully, their self-provided answer is the correct one 🙂


Teknikens Varld is a Swedish technology magazine and they’ve recently published a special magazine all about Saab.

Saabworld has a good overview for those who don’t read Swedish.

The magazine costs only 99SEK and is available from the teknikens website.


A late addition…..

Ezra Dyer has another enjoyable article over at Automobile Magazine.

He single-handedly explains why many road tests are irrelevant, as well as making up a new saying – “As comfy as a Swede riding shotgun” – based on his experience in a Saab.

I’ve always loved his work. This is a good example as to why.

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  1. Dyer’s entry was a fantastic read. Yes, the Saab piece was great but the point he makes is spot-on and it’s one that we should be communicating to prospective buyers. “You commute daily amongst a mass of cars on I75.  Not Laguna Seca but you get to sprinkle in some occasional moments on fun, open roads”. Saab.   

    Car mags do a great job telling you how well a BMW M3 does on the track but get one in the real world and your daily grind and it’s a different story.  Conversely, they’ll tell you how soft the ride, and how supple the interior of a Lexus is, but get out on some open twisties and fahgedaboutit. There’s no soul. No spirit. No thrill. 

    Saab strikes that balance exeptionally well.  No overwhelming glitz, glam and shiny interior parts…It simply does the job of “the driver and car become one” better than most.

    Sadly, what makes Saab the perfect car doesn’t sell magazines.

    Favorite quote: “If you’re uncomfortable in a Saab bucket, you have your knees on backward”