Saab 9-4x is in production

This is just a short one, but when I heard it an hour or so ago, I figured it was one of those little milestones that ought to be mentioned.

It’s with no small amount of joy that I can point out to you that production of the 2011 model year Saab 9-4x started on Monday 16th of May.

The 2011 models were all ordered by Saab dealers back in February and the model year’s entire production run is completely accounted for. Production of 2012 models will begin in a few months from now.

Vive la 9-4x!

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  1. If I remember correctly the production run for 2011 was 10K units ….

    I have to confess that despite the fact that I like the 9-4, I had little faith in the numbers it would achieve, mainly due to its Cadillac connection and the fact that the big petrol engines would limit penetration in some markets. In fact it got top reviews and it seems it has sold out for the year…

    Fantastic !

    1.  Glad to hear its in production, shame it wasn’t available in November when I was looking for a new SUV 🙁

  2. So the cars made from February until now were just pre-production? Anyhow, good to hear that everything is up and running! Since I saw the Saab 9-4X in person I am convinced that it will sell well. 🙂

  3. I have already bought one in the Netherlands and it is a very happy sound that production has started. This is a part of the good news from SAAB that we were waiting for. Now the start of production in Sweden and we are all happy.

  4.  Good news! I put my order  on 27 january (Belgium). Any idea when I shall receive my car? 
    Can’t wait to change with my Saab 9.7x
    But what is the difference between 2011 and 2012 models? 

    1. Ludvig, your dealer will be best placed to answer that question about when it’ll arrive.  Differences between ’11 and ’12 will be minor, if any, as far as I know.  Thanks for your support.

  5. Congratulations to the 2 forum “colleagues” that bought one …. let us know your impressions when you take delivery ….