Skaters invade Saab for commercial shoot

This is nothing car related, but it’s interesting just to see the other things go on here from time to time.

If I asked you to guess the names of guys you’d find in the crash test building here at Saab, you’d probably answer Anders, or Fredrik, or similar names. Yesterday was a little different as the building was full of guys names Wes, Tyler, Brandon and the like.

Swedish online skating retailers Junkyard hired the Saab crash test facility to film an advertisement yesterday. It’s my understanding that the campaign will be online, at the least, and maybe for television here in Sweden as well. The company used a crew of skaters from the United States, who have been touring around Europe for competitions in recent months.

So why use the Saab crash test facility?

If you look at the photo above, you’ll see the guys are standing on the edge of a big pane of glass. Underneath that glass (which is around 10cm thick and optical quality in clarity) is a room with a high speed camera in it.

Here’s a look to the room down below…..

The high speed camera is on the tripod. It’s pretty small, but very powerful. It records 1,000 frames per second and each of those frames is around 3 megabytes in size, so the 2.6 seconds of time taken to record a stunt by one of the skaters takes a fair bit longer than 2.6 seconds to download on to the computer.

Above the glass is a bank of lights, so everything was completely lit up when Wes did the jump shown below…..

And here’s how it looks from down where the camera is…..

It’ll be more effective in super slo-mo, I’m sure, but you get the picture.

It’s an unusual use for Saab’s crash test facility, but an enjoyable one. The guys were all great and had a lot of fun recording the spot. We’ll keep an eye out for the film version when it comes online and post it as a follow up to this story.

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