My car hunt is over….

As well as covering the corporate stuff on this website, I’ve also been covering a little of my personal journey as an Australian Saab fan relocating to Sweden and getting to grips with life at Saab.

One of my personal quests was to buy a Saab in Sweden so that I could proudly park it in the mothership’s car park, as well as taking in the beautiful surrounds in one of Scandinavia’s finest.

One of the criteria for this quest was to pick up something that I couldn’t easily get back home in Australia. I’d have to say that I’ve failed on that account and will have to keep it in mind for another acquisition in the future. I’d really hoped for a Saab 99 Turbo, but they come up for sale so infrequently here and the examples in good condition command prices that were beyond my budget.

A compromise was therefore in order, and what a delicious compromise it’s turned out to be.

Acquired last Sunday with the help of one of my colleagues at Saab (thanks Ingvar!), this is my new (to me) Saab 900 S turbo. It was built in 1991 and has a low pressure turbo 16-valve engine making 145hp and around 200Nm of torque. It has a cloth interior, no electric anythings and no sunroof. Quite the humble car, then.

What it does have is a great engine and gearbox and in this land of salted snowy winter roads, very little rust. There’s just one wheel arch to be cleaned of metal cancer and repainted.

Those who know me and my motoring history will know that my cars don’t necessarily remain in the same condition as when acquired for very long. I’ll be seeking to do the rust repairs fairly shortly and then I’ll quite possibly call on one of Sweden’s tuning houses to add a little bit of ‘personality’. It won’t be a red rocket, but hopefully it’ll have enough juice to put some steam in your strides.

As you can see, I’m one very happy camper.

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    1. The most common unit for measuring distances when travelling in Sweden is “mil”, where 1 mil = 10 km. 😉

        1. Just broken in then!
          My 9000i has 30.000mil on the meter. No problem what so ever

  1. Very nice car you have found, Swade! 🙂 I am quite confident that I saw the classified of exactly that car some time ago on Blocket, being quite interested in it. I hope you will enjoy it! Am I correct that you bought it in Dalsland? 😉

      1. Åmål is in Dalsland so then I was correct, pretty funny it is exactly that car! 😉 However, we ended up with a really nice 1999 Saab 9-5 in scarabe green instead. 🙂

      2. Slightly unrelated question.  I’m browsing Blocket from Canada, and the auto ads are showing extremely low mileage (i.e. Miltal: 16,500 – 16,999).  Is this per annum, or the odometer reading?  In Canada, for a posting of a comparable vehicle the mileage would be about 150,000 – 200,000.  What’s the deal?

  2. Hi Swade,

    Congratulations on your new / used Saab. It is a beautiful car and I wish that you drive it in good health and enjoy.

    I really love the car that you purchased, it is gorgeous!

    Very best regards,


  3. Congratulations! A very nice car! 🙂 I have had one very alike once – just in dark grey instead of red – and slightly older. 

  4. Congrats Swade but, as you know, I’d take the silver one in the background ; )

  5. Wow Swade! I understand why you are happy! I’d say you have got the 900 of 900:s. Please tell me it’s got the grey interior?

  6. Great choice!
    But I have one question regarding that car and its like; what did Saab do to make it sound so marvellous, and why don’t the do it with any other turbocharged model?
    OK, that was two questions into one. But I am serious. Saab made a four cylinder engine sound absolutely fantastic. And they have not done it since. Why?

    I love your car! 🙂

  7. Good one Swade.  I was working in the UK when the 900S LPTs came out.  I must say I was quite disappointed when I got back to Australia and discovered they weren’t available.  All we got instead was the rather lackluster 2.1 NA engine.
    I was told this was due to a shortage of LPT engines and also the attitude of Australian insurance companies.  It seems they didn’t differentiate if you had a light pressure turbo or a full pressure turbo.  They just wanted to charge one price when they saw ‘turbo’.   I particularly liked the 900S LPT Aero.  I still have the brochure.  It was very popular as a used car in the UK.

  8. Excellent choice, Swade! We didn’t get the LPT C900s here in the US, either. Safe and fun travels to you both.

  9. Congrats Swade! Looks like a brilliant car.

    To bad it didn’t work out with the T8 Special in the end though… But excellent choice! 

    1. Thanks Matthias,

      The guy with the T8 loved it so much he decided to keep it!  Disappointing for me, but maybe in a year from now he’ll think of selling again.  He has my number 🙂

  10. Great looking Saab Saab. Really like the color. Wish I could do my car shopping in Sweden. 🙂

  11. c900–excellent choice! SPG wheels and vent covers to boot. Nice looking ride. One question; what is the thing below the rear bumper? Is that some sort of hitch cover? Never seen anything like that on c900s here in the U.S.

    1. Good spotting, Ric.  It is indeed a hitch cover.  The rest of the hitch is in the trunk, with the full set of winter tires that were included in the price 🙂

  12. Well, it was a pleasure to assist you Steve. A pleasant countryside drive with good company. Friendly and welcoming people who sold it and a nice dinner at Strandgatan. A overall good Sunday!

  13. Hello Swade.  Well congratulations on your New Saab.  You have now graced my computer background screen.  You are doing amazing articles now for Saab and the Saab World.

  14. Swade,
    Congrads on the “new” car! I bought my wife a new 2010 9-3 in Jan and while she loves it when she saw your car the first thing that she said was I miss my old hatchbacks (85-900T, 88- 900, 90 – 900).
    BTW the Washington Post reviewed a 2012 Audi A7 $70K hatchback this morning!