Video – Production re-start at Saab

Around 10am and onwards this morning……

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  1. So that is Victos IE Convertible, second car coming of the line. Well done, great reward for his hard work!

  2. It’s a great day for Saab as I sip my coffee out of my CRS Saab coffee mug. Here’s to a a new beginning again for Saab.
     Not many companies get this many chances. Hoping the new strategy that’s being worked on hits hard on the US shores and gets traffic and cars out the door. Need to build more value and a reason to buy Saab for non-Saabers and Saab clients lost from the GM downfall…..

  3. Could watch this video forever 😉
    But no, my Saab is waiting for a spin 🙂

    Saab up!

  4. I could watch this for ages. This is what the community has been waiting for, and I must admit: it has been worth it.
    All Saab executive management: keep up the good work!
    All Saab OPS personnel: you ‘ve shown great spirit!

    Saab up, Griffin up!

  5. Fantastic!  I love the little vehicle that pulls the cars off the line by grabbing the front tires!

  6. What a great day Steven, the workers must be so thrilled to be building cars again. Thank you to all of you in Sweden getting it done.

  7. Swade, one of my salesmen here Rob was just asking me, how come the Indy has different wheels on it? Is this car for VM and he just preferred the other style? Looks great.

    1. It is indeed VM’s personal car and he preferred the turbines to the normal independence edition wheels.  I can’t say I agree, but he’s the boss…..

  8. Swade: You work above the Saab production line.  Pinch yourself.

    Excellent points in your last two paragraphs – that is where the rubber meets the road.  We’ll try to do our part by buying new Saabs, buying genuine Saab parts to keep current Saabs on the road, and evangelizing when we can.

  9. I like the sign at 1:30. Saabs may well be heavenly but I hope it hasn’t really taken divine intervention to get this far.

  10. Just ordered a new 9-3, are these produced in Sweden. I really do hope so. have enjoyed 7 or so other SAAB’s and to me, they really are gorgeous. Look out for mine, black, lowed chassis, premium leather, Bose. I really am looking forward the this arriving in a few weeks time.

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