Video: Saab re-start production at the Trollhattan plant

I’ve already shown my own rather informal video of this event, featuring the cars coming off the production line.

Here’s the official company video featuring remarks from Saab’s VP, Purchasing and Manufacturing, Gunnar Brunius, as well as Saab’s Chairman and CEO, Victor Muller.


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  1. I like seeing everyone going back to work, but I’m sure they like it more then me. In troubles we become stronger and these must be some of the strongest men and women around. Good job on all of the updates Swade.

  2. Great to see, looking forward to seeing Saab’s reception in China, the Chinese are so tech orientated….they’ll love Saab cars. I really think this is going to be a huge success story.

    Victor talks about a delegation looking at China since September, I hope they’ve had teams looking at India and Brazil too. India’s middle class is huge and expected to grow ten fold by 2025, no doubt it would also be a very successful market for Saab.

    Let’s hope Antonov gets approved soon, they can get the additional funding and hopefully get into India/Brazil strategy. It has to be on the agenda.