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IntSaab is the annual International Saab Clubs meet, which is hosted in a different country each year. Although it mentions Saab Clubs in the official title, you do not need to be a member of a Saab Club to attend. IntSaab is open to all.

Well, almost. IntSaab 2011 is fully booked, such is the popularity of the event. For those who are interested in attending an IntSaab meeting in future years, however, here’s a run-down of what will be happening this year……

IntSaab 2011 is being hosted by the Saab Club of Finland. The main center of events will be at the Hotel Ellivuori, in Sastamala. The official IntSaab program runs from August 5-8, 2011.

The program for this year’s event also includes a pre-tour from August 3 to 5, which will start at Espoo Car Museum near Helsinki and finish in Uusikaupunki with a visit to the SAAB Museum. Participants will then head for Ellivuori in time for the official IntSaab proceedings.

The official IntSaab program for 2011 is as follows…..


Friday, Aug. 5 2011
Arrival formalities and registration.
Arrival of the pre tour participants.

Presentation: Hannu Berger, “History Of The Uusikaupunki Car Factory”
Presentation: Simo Lampinen, “Flying Finn”
Get together around the BBQ.

Saturday, Aug. 6 2011
Breakfast served at the hotel for all participants.
Registration continues.
An 80km long Saab pick nick tour with quizzes and tasks.
The picknick tour includes a pause at the Nokian Tyres warehouse, where a soup lunch and a factory tour will be availlable, as well as a show by Saab Performance Team.

A non-prepaid lunch at Ellivuori will be served.
Parts sales.
Beauty contest.
Normal sauna and traditional Finnish smoke sauna.
Swimming pool and possibility to swim in the lake.

Anniversary dinner with program.

Sunday, Aug. 7 2011
Breakfast at the hotel for all participants.
Part sales.

Lunch with price giving continued from the previous night.
“Goodbye and get safely home!”


I’m planning on being there in Finland for this years’ event and I can’t wait. It’s been a Saab event I’ve wanted to attend for a long time now.

I’ll be bringing you all the coverage I can. Hopefully it might inspire you to get to an IntSaab event one day, too. Saab gatherings like this one are always heaps of fun, with plenty of great people to meet and a smorgasboard of incredible Swedish (and Finnish!) machinery to drool over.

For those who like to do a lot of forward planning, IntSaab 2012 will be held at Spa, in Belgium.

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    1. Excellent, Asher!  Will see you there.

      I’m traditionally a candidate for ‘furthest travelled’ at these sort of events, but I don’t know if I can claim that now that I’ll be travelling from Sweden (even if I still have a home in Oz).  The honor might be yours!