Not quite the Midnight Sun…..

It’s overcast here in Skellefteå so I can’t show you the midnight sun, but here are the five-minutes-to-midnight clouds and ambient light, photographed just fifteen minutes ago as I sit here writing this from the Scandic Hotel here in town.

Our ride for this day-long drive of some 1,058km was a 2010 Saab 9-3 SportCombi rental from Avis, which got fuel economy of some 10.5 litres per 100km running at occasional overtaking speeds 🙂 on 85% ethanol.

And the reason I’m here? I’ll get to that later in the week but it’s 15% northern exposure and 85% helping a friend – a long and slightly sad tale that will finally get its happy ending tomorrow.

I can tell you this much: the Avis rental is staying here and we’re taking another Saab model from the same year back home.

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  1. Even without any clouds you could not see the midnight sun in Skellefteå – you have to travel a bit more north 😉

    Here in Tromsø no clouds his weekend and a lot of midnight sun 🙂 You travel back in a blue 2010 9-5 ?

      1. I put in an order for our 9-5 as soon as they opened up the orderbook for the Biopower model. MY11 is indeed the first NG 9-5 with Biopower. 🙂

        Thanks for helping us drive up to Skellefteå to pick up our car. It turned out to be quite an adventure!

        And I apologize for screwing up with the midnight sun thing. I assumed it was north of the arctic circle, but as Thilo so correctly pointed out; we needed to go up another inch on the map. Thus the sun disappeared for two hours! 🙁

        Incidentally, I have a renewed respect for the 9-5. I’ve driven my 9000 in the mean time, and as much as I love the 9000, the 9-5 is surreal in e.g. roundabouts. Exiting the roundabout at a speed of more than 60 kph is no problem. The 9000 would start to over-steer slightly at that point (tires squealing and everything)

  2. Swade, can I suggest another road back?

    If you need to relax during those “occational overtaking speeds”, the E45 (or Inlandsvägen) is better (no speed cameras the first half of the trip). Of coarse it’s a bit narrower and a couple of km longer, but still, those car testing people going north usually take this road.
    Just tell google map you need to stop by Östersund and you’ll gett right back to Trollhättan in no time.

  3. Check your e-mail and give me a call if you have time left over. It’s my hometown you’re in right now. 🙂

  4. On a bright note, its very nice to hear Avis is renting Saabs!  It will be sweet to drive a Saab to next year’s Saab Festival instead of another brand . . .