Poll – Do you name your Saab?

I’ve done this before and I’ll probably do it again….

The first car I can remember is my grandfather’s brown mid-60’s Holden. It’s a little strange that that’s the first car I can remember because I would have travelled to my grandparents’ home – the only place I would have seen it – in my own parents’ car and yet I have no recollection whatsoever as to what they would have been driving at that time. I do remember Pa’s Holden, though.

The second car that I can remember clearest from my childhood is a Morris 1100 that was owned by my sister. She would have bought the 1100 when I was around 6 years old. It was white, had red vinyl seats and I used to ride in it everywhere because I never let my sister go anywhere without me (which must have been miserable for the guy who is now my brother-in-law 🙂 ). She called the car Bugalugs.

Despite this, I don’t come from a family of car-namers and I’ve never given one of my own cars a name, either. The only inanimate object that I’ve ever named is a bass guitar, which I called Veronica because of the big “V” at the top of the headstock. As far as I know, Bugalugs is the only car owned by our particular branch of the Wade family that’s ever had a name and I’m sure it was just a teenage phase and the novelty of a first car that made my sister do it.

Nevertheless, I’ve known other car-namers. A friend of mine owns a Saab 95 wagon in yellow that used to be known as “Sally Sunday” by its previous owner. And I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve heard calling their Saab by the name “Saabrina”.

A simple poll, then…..

Do you name your car? Or not? And because it’s so common, do you name your car Saabrina?

Other names and explanations can be posted to comments if you wish. I’m sure there are some entertaining stories out there about names given (and if the story’s a little too personal – nudge, nudge, wink, wink – please remember this is a family site and keep it to yourself. Thanks).

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Results will be published next weekend, along with a few of the comments if they’re deemed entertaining 🙂

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  1. Since I have yet to own one, I really do not know. But I haven’t named my Thinkpad, nor my calculator, so I have to say it’s highly unlikely. Why, yes I’m an engineering student, how could you guess?

  2. My Saab have different names : the girls are named Tartine , Cabotine , Praline , Turbine , Titine , Somptueuse .The only one who has no mane is the T16S . I don’t know why , didn’t find the inspiration .

  3. Normally I don’t name cars. It’s something my mother liked to do and, frankly, the names she came up were lame enough to sour me on the idea.

    That said, occasionally a car comes with enough personality to REQUIRE a name.

    Hence, my history is as follows:

    1990 Saab 9000 CD – Leaky (it just never met a fluid it didn’t want to leak)
    1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer – The Yak (it wasn’t pretty, but it went wherever the heck it wanted)
    2001 Saab 900 SE – The Slaab (because the back was usually filled with debris from some project or another)
    2004 Silverado 2500HD – The Beast (well, it was 37″ longer than a Suburban, so it HAD to have a name)
    2002 Volvo V70 AWD – Brixy (it was a champagne colored brick…what else could you call it?)

    Interestingly, no named cars in the fleet today.

  4. My first Saab was named Saabrina. A 2001 9-5. But when I got my 2004 9-5 I couldn’t think of a fitting name, and Saabrina was already too unoriginal; I couldn’t use it AGAIN. So it never got one.

  5. Being the proud owner of Olive, a pea green Saab 99l and Dougal, the Saab 900i 2.1, we recently purchased a 900 convertible, which was an abandoned restoration project. As it came in the form of a shell plus umpteen boxes, my partner nicknamed it the Ikea Saab 😉

  6. When I had a 900 Classic alongside the 9-3, my Saabs had names. I was the one and only driver of the 900, so it was called Mr.Brown. As my wife was the main driver of the 9-3 at that time, that was called Mrs.Black. And, yes, I do have a little connection with Tarrantino 🙂

  7. I generally ‘name’ cars based on the number plate. So our 1st Saab (’73 2-door 99L) DET438L was named as Dettol. A later one (’98 93 SE 5door TiD) R377OTA became ROTA. But generally they are simply ‘The Saab’.

    1. Just remembered – ROTA was sometimes called ‘Red Diesel’ for two obvious reasons 🙂

  8. Usually I name them regarding the colour. My previous one was “silver”, as in the Lone Ranger’s Horse. This one is called “Jet Black” but I’m considering to change it to “Road Runner” due to its speedy cruising personality 🙂

  9. I name it “The yellow” for obvious reasons 😉
    (Did the same with my first Saab: a 9.3-I vert)

  10. we’ve got ‘Pinkie’ (because its blue …! a 1973 96v4); ‘Huffy’ (UFY 208L) a 99L from 1973; ‘Jess’ (J77 JES) classic 900; ‘Annie’ a 1997 CSE Anniversary; ‘Ali’ a 9.3 convertible (ALZ181) and ‘Jenny’ a 9.5 estate (J1 NDP) … how sad is that?

  11. My first Saab, a classic 900, was named Sabrina (not Saabrina) and the plate read SABRNA since I only had 6 characaters for a vanity plate at the time.   My former 9000S and current 9-5 is called Wiz because of the SKI WIZ license plate.   My former NG ’98 900S and current 9-3 is called VGr (V-ger).  The random plate number assigned to the 900S started with VG and the name came from one of those early Star Trek movies where a 20th century Voyager explorer probe became a lifeform and was first called V-ger until they figured out its origin.   Plus the idea of “voyager” seemed to fit!

  12. Well, I have had names for (almost) all my SAAB’s, not all given by me, mind you, and mostly Swedish names, not counting spare-part cars, or cars bought and sold within a week or so…
     -My first, a 1973 96, bright yellow was called “Gulan” – “the Eggyolk”, or “Eros, the love-god”, due to license plate “EOS 154″…or something like that ;)-My second, a 1974 96, a sandy tan colour was calles “Opus” – it had a big picture of a penguin on the drivers door, some of you will get that reference…-3rd, a 1969 96, forest green ended up being called “Ärtan” – “the Pea”-4th, a 1983 og900, silver colour, we called her “smoke”, she had a tendency to blow fuses, and finally caught fire one day when my wife was on her way to work…-5th, a 1986 og900, white, was called “rusty”, for obvious reasons :(-6th, a 1980 96 – jubileum, blue metallic, called “Astrid”, both because that was the name of the original owners niece, and the licenceplate was “ASD 617”-7th, a 1977 96, cardinal red metallic, called “Rö-bettan” – “the Red Beat”-8th, a 1990 9000 Talladega, we call her “Talley”, seems fitting…-9th, a 1974 96, india yellow (?), called “Rally-gulan” – “the ralley yoke”, with reference to my first car……now I have three 96’s sitting in my garage, waiting for restoration, no names as of yet, but i’m sure they, too, will be named in time…

  13. We have 7 classic 900 SAABs in the stable at the moment. My current daily driver is a Le Mans blue 1993 900 Turbo Convertible that I affectionately call Ol’ Blue. Derived from the name that Ralphie gave to his always-at-his-side trusty rifle in the Black Bart daydream scene from the movie A Christmas Story. You have to spit a wad of chewing tobacco before you say it; “Ptoo… Ol’ Blue.”

  14. My first Saab 9000 CS 2.3t (’93) didn’t have a name. I got in a pretty severe accident and totaled the car on a icy road. After flipping the car into a 2m deep ditch I landed back on the wheels and even drove the car out of there. I didn’t even have a scratch and wasn’t hurt. I’m sure the Saab saved my life that day – surving a rollover unhurt strengthens your brand-loyality.
    A week later I bought an other Saab 9000 CS 2.0i (’93).
    After some time we got a Saab 96v4 and so we needed to name the Saabs. “I’m taking the old Saab” turned out to be confusing.
    The “new” 9000 CS was named Saabinchen (“chen” in German is the diminutive and “Sabine” is a German female name).
    Giving the Car a girl’s name didn’t work out. During the 4 years we had the car it lost every fluid it had at least once (oil, water,… you name it – we lost it).
    Our Saab 96 v4 (’76) is called “Felix” because it got lucky and we saved it from the junk-yard.
    Our current Saab 9000 CS 2.3t (’96) is called “Severus”. You guessed right – we are Harry Potter fans and my girl-friend – we are about to celebrate our 9th anniversary this fall – is a big Severus Snape / Alan Rickman fan (she believed in Snape being on the good side right from HP 1).
    Snape now ran more then 280.000 km…
    In a few month Severes will get replaced with a “new” Saab 9-5 wagon; it’ll carry a male name.

  15. I’ve named all my cars.  I was a Russian language major, so all my cars have had Russian names. Previously I had Hondas named Alexander (Sasha) and Alexei.  My sister gave me the name for my 2008 laser red 9-3SC –Sergei.  It suits him perfectly.

    My mother always said that if you named your cars and treated them like family, they would always take care of you.  I have had incidents in all my cars where they kept running when they shouldn’t have or broke down only in the best possible place (like, a block from my mechanics!).  With Sergei, I got a low tire pressure caution while driving 13 miles home on a highway.  As soon as I parked safely at home, the tire emitted a huge “hissssssss” and went completely flat in 30 seconds.  My mom is always right!