PhoeniX in New York

I’ve been waiting to show you these photos for a while now.

What would you do if you saw something like this in a streetscape late at night?

You’d photograph it, of course. And that’s exactly what plenty of people did late one cold spring night in New York City. Me included.

Back in April when the New York Auto Show was on, Saab’s latest design concept, PhoeniX, was taken out at night for a photo shoot for Top Gear magazine. The car was unloaded at the meatpacking district around 10pm and so began an all-night photoshoot that didn’t actually finish until around 1pm the next day at Chelsea Piers.

The latest edition of Top Gear magazine, featuring the photos from that night, is now available at reputable magazine stands everywhere. That’s good news for you and I, because it means I can finally share these images, which I took during the first few hours of the shoot. For those who’d like to know, the car was parked just down the street from the Standard Hotel.

Click to enlarge and enjoy.

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  1. This is a concept car that looks better out on the street than in the showroom… wow.

    It also looks better and better the more I see it. Impressive.

  2. The saabishness of this car is close to overwhelming now that i haven’t seen it in a while. I had issues with it but i’m glad i stayed cool and don’t have to admit being wrong now.But with this my hunger to se the spyshots of new 9-3 really start building and please, if i ever can possible afford one, can i get a 2012 9-3 with the phoenix coloring? 🙂

  3. Fantastic! The perfect images to bring SAAB back into the public eye, where it rightfully belongs!!!

  4. Great photos. My pick is #4 because it looks like the PhoeniX is part of the traffic – where it belongs!

  5. Wow, amazing!!!! Looks like the new camera worked out well Steve. Great photos:)

    Time to run out to my local newsstand for my own copy of TG.

  6. SW, June issue TG BBC? All I could find was May from my local Barnes & Noble 🙁

  7. I visited the Saabmuseum a few days ago, but it wasn’t there. Pity!
    But aI got to see the Aero-X. And it looks magnificent in real life.

  8. this is a really cool car! I’m really hoping Saab will survive and contine to deliver great design

  9. “What would you do if you saw something like this in a streetscape late at night?” steal the wheels and spoiler, beat the **** up  of the driver, and spray paint on the side ” why da **** you cant put a decent engine in such a nice car”