Saab Safety – Crash Test Dummies

They’re a key part of Saab’s staff. It’s only a small team and they’re the most overworked and underpaid ‘people’ in the company. They risk life and limb every time they go to work in order to protect you as best as possible.

They are, of course, Saab’s crash test dummies.

Some key crash test dummy facts……

  • The dummy family includes a 95th percentile male weighing approximately 100kg and standing 1.9 meters. Also included is a 50th percentile male weighing 80kg and standing 1.75 meters.
  • The ‘youngest’ dummy is a one year old baby, but there are also three year-old and six year-old ‘children’ in the dummy family.
  • There are different types of dummies that are set up specifically for different types of tests – side, rear and front impact.
  • Dummies use a variety of sensors to measure movement and compression in a variety of tests.
  • Tests involving dummies are conducted around three or four times per week. Up to 200 tests per year involve the use of crash test dummies.
  • There are also tests without dummies, usually measuring load shifting within a vehicle on impact. Weight boxes are usually used for these tests.
  • According to the standard, every dummy has to be re-calibrated after a maximum of ten tests. Saab re-calibrate dummies after seven tests, or after six months (whichever comes first).
  • Due to their cost, dummies tend to be upgraded to meet new standards rather than scrapped and replaced.
  • New dummies cost approx 1,500,000 Swedish krona each.

Next time you jump in your Saab, take some assurance from the fact that you’re driving one of the safest cars that money can buy. And spare a thought for the hard working crash test dummies at Saab that helped make them that way.

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  1. That really is “inside Saab information”.
    Again we received a very educational piece; thank you Steven.

  2. It is just so cool to get this kind of inside information!One thing is to make excellent cars, – which SAAB has been doing since way-back-when. But just as important: Tell the story!This really enhances the SAAB-experience.