Saab Convertible lineup in Dayton, Ohio

Following on from our loose theme-o-the-month(s) on the 25th Anniversary of the Saab Convertible, I received these photos a few weeks ago from a technician at Just Saab in Dayton, Ohio.

The photo was taken towards the end of summer, 2010, oustide the service department of their dealership. That particular day, they had at least one example of each model 900 and 9-3 Convertible in for service.

I guess the only dilemma for the service staff would have been which one to jump into first!

Thanks to Joey at Just Saab in Dayton for the pics!

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  1. Great pic. But aren’t a GM900 and an OG900 with the fully upright grille missing to complete the lineup of _all_ model variants?

    1. Ooooh.  A bit of research required on that one, Martin.  I think it might be splitting hairs between the flat front and slant front C900.  The one concern that I have if we’re talking completeness within the photo is whether or not there actually is both a NG900 and an OG9-3 there in that photo.  A little hard for me to tell given the photo size and my own lack of visual knowledge on those models.

      1. Steve, you’re right, it is kind of splitting hairs 😉
        And maybe I forgot the *irony mode ON* and *irony mode OFF* indicators in my post.
        For the NG 900 (GM 900) I am quite sure there is no one on the photo.
        The grille is the most (or only) visible difference in the car’s front view.

        I always enjoy reading insidesaab. Keep on saabing!

        Best wishes from Ol’Germany,