IS Interview: SBS Radio

Just over a week ago, I did a phone interview with SBS Radio, a multi-language media organisation in my home country, Australia.

You should be able to listen to it on the embedded player, below.

If it doesn’t show there (it may drop off the playlist in the coming days) the you can go to the SBS Radio website. The interview should be here.

My thanks to Johan Gabrielsson from SBS for the opportunity to talk about Saab and the role of that social media is playing within the company.

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  1. Well done. It’s good to see the word about Saab getting out there through another channel, although your voice sounded a bit like it was travelling through a long tube from Sweden to Australia. 🙂 

    1. The voice sounds a little echoey and thin because my living room here in Sweden has wooden floors and is totally devoid of soft furnishings.  It’s not a totally messy gents place (though I am using a stack of winter tyres as my TV stand at the moment) but let’s just say it would be obvious to the casual observer that my wife is living elsewhere right now 🙂