Saab’s Magnus Hansson – Rising Star

He’s probably going to kill me for writing this up publicly 🙂

I’m very, very pleased to pass on that Saab’s Director for the Nordic Region, Magnus Hansson, has received a Rising Star Award from Automotive News Europe.

Automotive News Europe is delighted to announced its first winners of the Rising Stars — a new annual award that honors mid- and upper-level managers who are likely to become CEOs or executive board members in the future. ANE will honor the 2011 Rising Stars, and their mentors, at a gala dinner in Cologne, Germany, June 29.

This is fantastic news. I don’t want to sound like I’m sucking up here, but back when I was writing about Saab independently, I had fantastic communications with Magnus and always thought that big things would come his way. Having the chance to work in the same building with the man has only confirmed this. He’s been a steady hand in Saab’s home market during a difficult period, much like a guy who used to walk the same corridors until recently, Jan-Ake Jonsson.

Congratulations, mate! Some well deserved recognition for you and your team.

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  1. Could he be the new Saab CEO and taking JAJ’s place?  Saab needs a new CEO and it would be perfect if they promote from within and he/she is Swedish. 

    1. I think if you suggested that to him he’d respond saying he needs more time under his belt and more experience before taking on something of that magnitude.  Ask me how I know that 🙂

  2. Soooo… any gauntlet made today then Swade?
    On topic, great recognition of Magnus Hansson. I had the opportunity to talk to him on an occasion where the SAAB team presented the new 9-5 sedan in Stockholm early 2010.
    I like the idea of recruitment from the own organisation. That ensures that the spirit lives on and maintain the “different thinking” instead of incorporate the usual ideas of big is better or the likes.

    Off topic, I tried to comment on this earlier on my android, but I just got the message ” just a moment…”