Saab 9-5 SportCombi wows the crowd

Saab are in the midst of a challenging time. We have our fair share of critics in the world of business commentary, people who are paid to have opinions and duly express them.

Amidst all the doom and gloom, one of the main things that has kept me feeling very positive – as it did when Saab were being sold in 2009 – is the product portfolio. We’ve just got too much good product coming down the pipe for this company to do anything other than sustain and succeed. Aside from the dedication I see around the place every day, it’s the one thing that fuels me to “never, ever give up.”

One of those products that’ll be gracing the roads near you soon is the Saab 9-5 SportCombi. The following is actually an internal message shared between a couple of colleagues, but one guy who received it encouraged me to share it here. It’s actually pretty typical of a lot of the feedback we’ve been getting with our new releases in recent times.

It’s from Great Britain……

I helped out at the Three Counties Show in Malvern on Friday and also visited the site again on Saturday.

You would not believe the response to the 9-5 SW ……. It was amazing !!!!

I have done loads of Shows over the years and I have never witnessed anything like it! People were crawling all over it …Families …Couples …a wide and varied audience to be honest. A LOT of BMW owners……due to poor winter driving in them….Very Very keen……loved it.

It was a real buzz to see the reaction when people saw it and made a bee-line straight to it. Some even walked on to the Honda site next door and saw it on the plinth and climbed over the fencing …couldn’t wait to see it…loads of compliments on the styling build quality …. It was a real boost!.


Very encouraging indeed.

Coincidentally, I also found this video from WhatCar? today, where a group of their readers got to check out the Saab 9-5 SportCombi. The results are, once again, very encouraging.

Have you seen the 9-5 SportCombi for yourself yet? And if so, what did you think?

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  1. seen at Geneva as you know …:-) and I must say that I’m in love since that time

  2. The new wagon looks great – but is being introduced here in the United States at a time when wagons are out of favor.  Volvo has cancelled the V70 and the V50 here, and the new Acura is not selling well.  Saab may want to be on stand-by to offer a 9-3x version of the 9-5 wagon just in case things don’t go well.  The Volvo XC70 continues to sell well here, and thus is a possible vehicle style to emulate.

    1. Personally, I think there will be a small but significant demand for the 9-5SC in the states which will only be enhanced by Volvo’s cancellation of the V70 and V50. As for myself, I’m waiting with baited breadth to move up from my 9-3SC to the new 9-5SC as soon as it arrives in the states.

    2. Actually, I just read that GM is going to introduce a Regal wagon based on an Opel platform for early 2012.  I really want the 9-5 SC.  Any ideas when best case scenario, it could make it to the US? 

        1. Yes, I read about it at the same link, and also on Automobile mobile site.  But I’m not interested in that car.  (Still, nice to see that wagons might make a comeback here in the US)

          When you say not in the near future re: the 9-5 SC in the US, can you hazard a guess?  What was September went to winter 2011 (whatever that means) on the website.  Now with two more months of production stop, what do you think?  March, April, May, June?  I have 93k on a 2003 aero wagon with no rear airbags and I’m thinking I should stop tempting fate and buy a car with updated safety features.  B/n the Volvo xc60 and waiting for the 9-5 SC.  Might be unrealistic for me to keep waiting for what I really want.  Alas….

  3. Saw it at Three Counties Show and was very impressed! 🙂 It makes my 95 Estate old. 🙁 Still love it though!

  4. My wife and I have between us owned 12 SAABs of various types (900, 9000, 93 & 95) over the last 25 years and am currently driving a 95 diesel estate which I bought from new just over two years ago. I test drove a new 95 saloon a couple of months ago and absolutely hated it. The seats are not SAAB seats, they’re some awful GM faux BMW/Audi/Mercedes clone – hard and not at all suppportive. The interior quality was very poor, especially the cheap and poor fitting plastics. And the ride was terrible, jarring and crashing on the typical uneven A roads we have to live with in the UK. The pricing too is a joke, considering the caning second hand/trade-in values took as GM ran it down. I have always preferred SAABs and hope to buy a new SAAB at some stage but they need to fix these problems before I’ll consider it. Otherwise, it’ll be a Jaguar XF for me……

    1. So what you are saying is the older Saabs handled those crummy roads way better the new one?

  5. i saw the 95 SC at ANA in Trollhättan last month, together with the 94X. they both were absolutely stunning. if the SCs drive as good as the Saloons, which i drove that same day (a 220 BioPower and a V6 Aero), they will be excellent cars. i absolutely love the C-pilar and that red illuminated stripe across the back end of the car.
    to me, the 94X did not appear to be as massive as the 97X, by the way. although it’s quite a car.

  6. I actually saw the 9-5 SC in the wild week before last. I was driving on the motorway from Trollhättan to Uddevalla, and it drove by in the other direction, so I only got a few seconds worth, but it made a very good impression. I’d say it looks considerably better than the 9-5 Sedan, whose design I still have mixed feelings about. The SC looks good from all angles. It doesn’t have the Sedan’s problem of seeming like a well-designed front end attached to a well-designed back end of a completely different car. The 9-5 SC is more of a complete package, where every detail adds to the same whole. It’s much too big for me, but if I were to pick out a big station wagon from what’s currently available on the market, this would definitely be my choice.

  7. I love the looks of the 9-5 SC.  I purchased the sedan but I’m having second thoughts and perhaps should have waited until the SC was delivered to the USA.  Hopefully, they’ll arrive soon after production restarts and I can see one in person.

  8. Saw one in Laser Red the other day…. -everyone- along the 100 meter stretch of street where I was standing turned their heads and looked after it as it passed by…..

  9. I can confirm that the new Saab 9-5 is a great winter car, even with “just” FWD. Compared to my previous first and second generation 9-3 and the first generation 9-5, the new 9-5 is even better and the best winter car I have ever driven. The stability and feeling of safety is tremendous. On ice and snow the car just plows ahead. And I am glad to say that I get the exact same feeling when the rain is pouring down and the the roads are bathing in water. And today when driving on winding roads in sunshine I once again was amazed by how precisely and effortless the car steers through the curves. A great car for every season!

    1. Front wheel drive is enough on 99% of situations encountered in the winter. I live in Alaska, on top of a mile long hill that is icy and snowy half of the year; I own a Subaru Forester and a SAAB 900. I never got stuck with neither of them. I think the real advantage of four wheel drive comes in very deep snow, or when starting on glare ice. On normal situations front wheel drive performs just as well and delivers better gas mileage too.

  10. How the whole roof seems to be “floating” with all its weight only on the c-pillar is not only brilliant car design -its Art!

  11. SAAB really, really needs this selling in the USA right now. BMW has
    been hindsighted and does not offer a station wagon in our shores,
    neither in the 3- or 5- series chassis. People who would buy a BMW wagon
    default to Audi, or settle for a lesser practical sedan. The SportCombi
    is SAAB’s opportunity to grab those buyers’ attention and gather more

    On another note, that is one gorgeous estate!!