Video: Wind tunnel

Welcome to the third film in a series of “Inside Saab” videos – a 10-part mini-series on what goes on in various departments here at Saab Automobile.

When people think “wind tunnel” then generally think of aerodynamics. That’s not the case here. Saab’s wind tunnel isn’t an aero chamber, but a climate chamber which serves a very different function.

This video takes you inside Saab’s climate wind tunnel, where they can recreate a wide variety of climatic conditions for vehicle testing. There are solar lamps and heat exchangers in the tunnel that can vary the temperature from a hot desert sun to far northern winter conditions.

Saab do testing in these natural environments, of course, but having the climate wind tunnel allows you a lot of flexibility in doing repeatable testing on different parts. Many of you live in places where the weather can be quite variable from day to day. The climate wind tunnel eliminates this variation and vehicle testing engineers can be sure that the climate conditions are the same over and over again, for each test they perform.

Enjoy this peek into Saab’s climate wind tunnel.

In case you missed the first two instalments, they are available at the following links:

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  1. This explains the excellent rain and moisture control in my MY10 9-5.  My engine compartment is bone dry even after hours of freeway driving in heavy Seattle rain! 🙂