Best Of The Road update…..

The five groups touring the Best of the Road around the USA in their Saabs have been having a LOT of fun and it’s been great to watch them making their way west for the big finish in LA.

Jules and Joan (twitter) have made their way from a town called Santa Claus in Indiana to Glenwood Springs in Colorado. No need to explain too much about what happened in Santa Claus (a lot of ho-ho-ho-ing, methinks) but it looks like they had a great time.

Glenwood Springs has been all about the outdoors with whitewater rafting, paragliding, caves and ATV rides, mixed in with some vaudeville theatre and 4th July fireworks, too.

With a few long drives between cities, Jules and Joan have been calling in on some smaller towns along the way, such as this stop on the way to Park City, Utah.

And this pic taken at Red Rocks in Colorado….


The Fun Finders (Twitter) are eating their way across the country (that’s their job – looking for the best food) and are mixing in plenty of good times and sightseeing along the way.

They’ve recently travelled from Burnsville MN on a massive drive taking them through six states to end up in Gulfport, Florida. They were there for the 4th July celebrations and took part in the parade in a Saab 9-3 Convertible, in red to match their team colors (OK, they’re in white in this shot, but trust me). The Convertible was provided by Dimmitt Saab.


The McNavigators (twitter) spent some quality time in one of the towns I’d like most to visit in the US: Franklin, TN. I have a good friend who lives there and whenever I’ve seen images of Mike’s 900 convertible in the local surrounds it has really made me look forward to spending some time there.

The McNavigator’s entries have only reinforced my thoughts. They must have loved the place, too, as they’ve done six separate blog entries and five short videos from there.

They’ve since been to Sandpoint, ID and are currently in Baker City, OR, but I haven’t seen much on the blog about those places yet, just a few entries on Facebook. It looks like Franklin had them totally consumed.


Gone with the Wynns (twitter) seem similarly transfixed with Nacogdoches, TX, having written a LOT about their time there. I’ve really been enjoying their videos and photos (check out the road photo from their stop in Woodward, OK – amazing shot…… actually, their 4th July pics from this link are just as amazing).

They are now on their way to Walla Walla in Washington and from the number of entries on their Facebook page from WW residents, I think the town is preparing to give them a very BIG reception.

One of these teams is going to win the Saab 9-4x from their work on this trip. The Wynns look like formidable competitors in that particular race, with quality work and a big following.

And speaking of work, what a nice office……


Equally busy are Captain and Clark (twitter), who have just had their Saab 9-4x in for service at Sid Dillon Saab in Nebraska.

Oil change, tire rotation, & great service for our Saab 9-4x. Thanks Sid Dillon Saab!

C&C have what is probably the most serious of the five tasks at hand – visiting the most patriotic towns in America. They’ve recently spent a lot of time amongst veterans at Ft Leonard Wood and Clarksville and there are some very moving stories being told from these visits.


Be sure to follow each of the teams as they wind up their adventures. I’ve included their Facebook and Twitter links in the text above. You can also view the Best of the Road website and follow their latest updates there, too.

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