Saab PhoeniX Concept in Top Gear Magazine

I showed you my own Saab PhoeniX images from the Top Gear Magazine photoshoot last month. Basically, I was just hanging around whilst the TG pro-snapper did his thing. And the reasons he’s a pro-snapper and I’m just another guy with a camera are plain to see.

Check out the TG shoot here.

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  1. No offense Swade… but that looks AMAZING! And hey, Top Gear has some of the best auto photography I’ve ever seen–so if you’re going to be outdone, you might as well be outdone by the best 😀

    But you shouldn’t be so modest. Some of your Saab photography has risen to the ‘iconic’ level, like that picture of your ’85 900 Aero. I was blown away when I found out you were behind that picture!

  2. What really amazed me when I saw the PhoneiX live was how practical it actually was. It looks very exotic, but it has room for four persons and a hatch in the rear.

  3. When reviewing the 12 pictures there is text to go with each one – don’t miss it as I almost diid but subsequently caught this gem:

    …OK, but a few minutes later, I’m with Saab’s chairman Victor Muller who can’t resist getting out his smartphone and showing me an image of a 9-3 coupe he’s had Castriota design. It’s basically the PhoeniX without the wings and the lower-body layering, and it really does look like a car to give the TT and RCZ pause.

    That may or may not be a clue as to what the new 9-3 will look like beyond the promise of a similarity with the front end of the PhoeniX.

  4. The new 9-3 will be the car that saves Saab.  There is so much pent up demand for this car that it will sell like hotcakes.  The Phoenix photos are awesome but I can’t wait to see the spy shots of the 9-3.  Swade, when is the planned introduction of the 9-3 – Paris Auto Show?