Events: Saab Owners Club GB annual event

It’s a little late for posting to the events page, but later today I’ll be jumping on a plane to head off to England.

Part of my weekend visit will include a couple of days at the Saab Owners Club GB annual gathering, being held this year at Haydock Park. All the info is available at the club website. If you’re in the area then I’m sure they’d love for you to drop by, say hello and maybe have a cup of tea!

There will be all the cars, of course, but there will also be parts sales, show-n-shine and all the other usual events that accompany a big nationwide event. Personally speaking, I’ll be spending a lot of my weekend trying to steal either Peter’s Sonett II or Chris’ 99Turbo and then heading for the chunnel.

Last year’s event in Bath….

I was fortunate enough to spend a day at last year’s event as well, in Bath, and am looking forward to a return visit this year.

I’ll have plenty of pics from the event and hopefully a few stories to tell, as well.

Naturally, if there’s any urgent breaking news (i.e. the official kind) then I’ll be updating the site as soon as possible. Griffin up!

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  1. Hope you will have a nice time at Haydock Park.

    We are going to have our summer rally and meeting with the local Saab Club here in Scania. A lot of work now to get all sorted out but that is a part of the Saab Spirit!