Have you spotted the Best of the Road crew yet?

Last night I tweeted a special message to a good friend of mine in Tennessee. Mike used to write with me on my old website, Saabs United, and one of the Best of the Road teams was calling into his town – Franklin, TN.

The McNavigators had mentioned the following on Twitter:

We are all checked into our new home for 2 nights @countryinns and we’re minutes away from hitting the town. Get ready Franklin TN

Knowing that that’s Mike’s hometown now, I re-tweeted and marked it to his attention. Sure enough, Mike spotted the McNavigators’ Saab 9-5 in downtown Franklin and snapped a quick cellphone picture to prove it:

@Inside_saab #Saab 9-5 driven by the @McNavigators spotted in downtown #FranklinTN!! W00t!

The McNavigators also mentioned that they were running a little late for their day’s program as they had to stop and take a few Saab enthusiasts for a tour around their 9-5:

Running late to town hall, had to give two @Saab enthusiasts a tour of the 9 5! They are sold!

The lesson here……

The Best of the Road crews are out and about, touring the US. If you see them, go up and say “Hi”, maybe even get a photo with them. I’m sure they’d love to meet up with you and we’d love to share your meeting here on site so if you get a photo, make sure you send it in.

Here are the towns they’re visiting. Keep up with them on either the Best of the Road website or their Twitter accounts and you’ll get a good real-time feed of where they’re heading (that “Best of the Road” link features a real-time map).

Note: the locations below are not in the order in which they’ll be visited.

Captain and Clark
Category: Most patriotic
Locations: Clarksville TN, Emporia KS, Fort Leonard Wood MO, Peachtree City GA, Rapid City SD, Williamsburg VA

The Fun Finders
Category: Best for food.
Locations: Addison WV, Burnsville MN, Costa Mesa CA, Gulfport FL, Lafayette LA, Visalia CA

TravelingJules and TravelingJoan
Category: Most Fun.
Locations: Glenwood Springs CO, Myrtle Beach SC, Santa Claus IN, Sioux City IA, Vacaville CA, Yellow Springs OH

Gone with the Wynns
Category: Friendliest town.
Locations: Lake Havasu AZ, Mount Airy NC, Nacogdoches TX, Valdosta GA, Walla Walla WA, Woodward OK

The McNavigators
Category: Most beautiful
Locations: Baker City OR, Coral Gables FL, Franklin TN, Marco Island FL, Pacifica CA, Sandpoint ID

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  1. Wow, that photo is pretty grainy!  The low light was testing the limits of my already limited cell phone camera.  Judging by Twitter, the McNavigators were still in Pucketts Grocery in Franklin, Tennessee (one of my favorites) eating supper, so I thought better of tracking them down.  That would be stalking (at least to me), and I had a car full of groceries of my own.

    Coincidentally, I started my day in Clarksville, Tennessee yesterday which is also on the list.  It is, indeed, a patriotic town, home to the 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army, aka the Screamin’ Eagles.

    Also love Santa Claus, Indiana!  If you have kids (or if you still feel like a kid), Santa Claus is a great, wholesome, middle-America place to visit for a couple of days.  I have to pry my kids out of the water park at Holiday World, and once they are out, they are out (asleep).

  2. For those interested, I know Captain and Clark will be in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri with the 9-4x on July 4. Unfortunately… I won’t be. 🙁

    But they emailed me and very happily offered to show me the car. I’m sure they’d be happy to show it to you too if you can make it down there!

  3. I can’t believe Glenwood Springs, CO is on the list of most fun towns.  All that is there is a few hot springs and that’s it!  The town is small and there’s not much to do there.  I live close by and have travelled there and was just as happy to leave.