The Saab 90000

I’m sure most of you have heard of the Saab 90, Saab’s first automotive mashup from an era when we didn’t even know what a mashup was……

And I know that everyone would be familiar with the legendary Saab 900…..

Many of you, including yours truly, would have owned a Saab 9000 at some time in your Saabing career…..

But how many of you are familiar with the Saab 90000?

The number 9 is, of course, quite significant in Saab’s history.

Saab’s automotive indulgence began as a spinoff from the company’s aircraft operations. Civilian projects within the group began with the number 9, and so Saab’s model history has seen us go through the Saab 92, 93, 94 (Sonett), 95, 96, 97 (Sonetts, again), 99 and on to the 90, 900, 9000, 9-3, 9-5, 9-2x, 9-3x, 9-4x and even the 9-7x in United States (and yes, there was a 98 in theory, but it didn’t happen in reality).

It seems fitting therefore, that we mark the passing of 90,000 fans on Saab’s Facebook page, both as a red-letter day for the company’s social media presence and also as a thankyou to everyone in our absolutely wonderful enthusiast community.

Saab actually has one of the highest online engagement levels in the automotive sphere. Yes, there are companies that have high numbers of ‘fans’, but in terms of the number of fans who regularly interact with the company, Saab is actually way, way ahead of its competitors.

That Saab fans are interested in what’s going on at the company is not news, of course. The reason I’m writing this here today is because my former website, Saabs United, was a vital hub of activity during the sale process, when Saab were bought by Spyker Cars. That support continues to this day, through Saabs United and other sites like SaabWorld, Saabnet, UK Saabs, STCS, Saablog-In, SaabNews, all the various Saab club websites and many, many more (apologies if I missed your site, am writing from memory here). And all of that’s in addition to the 90,000 friends we’ve made on Facebook and the people who follow us on Twitter, view our videos on Youtube and connect in other ways.

Thanks very much for your support. We’re continually looking for new ways to enhance our presence online and it’s wonderful to know that with anything we can achieve in that space, there is a willing audience to take it in.


I’d also like to acknowledge the assistance of a Saab nut in Canada, a guy named Kroum, who gave Saab a vital head-start in the Facebook space. We remain ever thankful.

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  1. I think I have read somewhere of an actual Saab 90000. It was a humorous name given to an ambulance prototype built on a 9000 chassis.
    Humorous because 90000 was the swedish emergency telephone number before 112.

  2. Makes me think of the guy on Sesame Street who always wanted to paint a 9.  He was one of my favourite characters there. 

    Nice work Kroum. 

  3.  That’s my techie/enthusiast hang these days.  90,000 fans?  Let’s get just 25% of these folks to buy in the next year and Saab would double in size in the span of four years.  How do I do that math?  The effect multiplies — with 20,000+ new cars on the road comes more visibility, and thus more sales……

  4. I have been a Saab fan for a relative short time (5 years) compared to others.  A couple of years ago, I sold my Saab and bought an old ’90 Mercedes 300 E-class.  It was one of those cars I have always wanted to own since I got my drivers license.  While there are several large MB forums, I felt out of place there and in the Saab community where I made many friends.  I sold the Benz 9 months later and picked up my current 2005 9-5 Aero wagon.  Best decision I made!

    With Saab, their cars pulled me in and the great, friendly and relatively small community of Saab fans made me stay.  🙂

  5. Kroum was merely “Taking Care of Business” (Bachmann-Turner Overdrive).

    It’s the only Canadian thing to do when faced with an existential challenge.

    Happy Canada Day, Kroum!

  6. The 98 didn’t just happen in theory, it exists in practice too – although only as a one-off prototype, currently residing at the Saab museum here in Trollhättan. It is kind of a hatchback version of the SAAB 96 – mid-way between a 96 and a 95, if you will.

    1. I didn’t see the 98 when I was at the museum three weeks ago. And it was one of the cars I have always wanted to see.
      I think it is brown, but I have seen a picture of it in a bright orange colour. Or are there two 98:s ?

    1. actually, the Saab 90000 is quite familiar. Have you anytime wondered why the 9-5 is named 9-5, when it would be more natural being named 90000? (as it was a successor to the 9000)
      Well, the plan was (i i have got it correctly) to name the 9-5 90000, but at that time the SOS-number was still “90000” in Sweden (being changed to “112” a time thereafter)
      So I think it was because of legal issues that the 9-5 is named 9-5.