Saab 9-4X Joins Saab 9-5 Sedan in earning Top Safety Pick 2011

Another piece of great product news is out today. Safety is, of course, one of our brand pillars so it’s great to see our newest vehicle, the Saab 9-4x, fitting in with the family ethos. – SW


The new Saab 9-4X crossover has earned ‘Top Safety Pick’, the highest rating for crashworthiness awarded by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the United States. Only three weeks ago, the Saab 9-5 Sedan received the same accolade.

“To achieve two Top Safety Picks in three weeks is, of course, extremely gratifying,” says Per Lenhoff, Head of Safety Development at Saab Automobile. “Our main priority is always the protection of real people in real accidents, but the IIHS tests are a valuable guide for consumers and it is important for us to achieve good results.”

IIHS is a research and communications organization funded by auto insurers in the US. The test procedures include front impact (offset) and side impact crashes. Seat/head restraints are also tested in a simulated rear-end impact to assess protection against whiplash injuries and the roof structure is tested to assess vehicle rollover protection.

Performance is rated as ’Good’, ’Acceptable’, ’Marginal’ or ’Poor’ in each of the tests and to achieve the ’Top Safety Pick’ award, cars must achieve the highest rating in all four procedures and should also be fitted with ESP®.

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  1. This is pretty amazing stuff. Saab marketing should be ALL OVER the fact that the 9-5 and 9-4X are perhaps the safest vehicles on the road.

    1. Maybe Saab will, but first production line should be up and running.
      But I agree that more publicity is needed. Yesterday I read a BMW brochure
      which advertise new 2.0 Diesel engine to be used in 5-Series which produce
      181hp/380Nm and CO2 emissions 119g/km and I thought: Saab already has equal if not better
      – TTiD4 (180), but obviously that fact escaped to the mass auto journalists and enthusiasts.

  2. Very good news, Saab has always stood for safety so it’s is nice to see the 9-4X continuing along the same route. 🙂

  3. This is fantastic news … but I had no doubts about the safety features of our cars !!!

    1. Well, While Saab is fighting for it’s survival it’s good to get some great attention which is good publicity.

      Why should we wait until Saab is on track before good news?

    2. A production re-start will happen as soon as possible, but there is a lot involved in getting things going again and we’re working our tails off to do so.  In the meantime, there’s no reason not to talk about things like this when they happen, is there?

  4. The 9-4x has the potential, given the current world love of SUVs/crossovers, to be the saviour of Saab.  Without the XC90, Volvo would have disappeared.  It still sells well despite being an old design with no significant revision, whereas the X5 and ML are on to second or third generation.

    The problem will come in that, so far, no diesel version will be available at launch.  Familiar as I am with the European and Australian markets, this will hit potential sales very hard.  Let’s hope that this is soon corrected.

  5. Hi Swade, how many 9-4X Saab is planned to sell this year? My dealer said that this years production is already “sold out”. Is that right? Is there a some kind of max limit how much it can be done in Mexico / year? Btw. great news about property deal!

  6. the question for Saab and Saab enthusists is will we see the 9-4 or any 9-X vehicle in production? I have been a Saab guy for years, its a badge of courage and frustration at times… the new 9-5 is a terrific ride, but pricey for a company whose future is so uncertain…

    1. Mark,

      The 9-4x is in production right now.  Vehicles should be hitting dealerships in the US within days.  All 2011 model year vehicles have been sold to US dealerships.  Rest-of-world production will start later this year with model-year 2012 vehicles.

      I understand the up and down ride you’ve been on.  We’re all a little giddy from it sometimes.  Here in Sweden, we just stick to the task.  Thanks for sticking with us.