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The Saab-webosphere is ticking over with news about the EIB approving our deal to sell and leaseback property. So why no press release from Saab yet? Well, there’s more than just the EIB involved in the approvals process and we have to wait on all parties before the deal is officially announced. We will do so in due course providing all goes well.


SaabLog-in has some great Saab-Spyker photos from the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The pics include the first Spyker concept vehicle from 1996 (let’s just say evolution is a wonderful thing IMHO).


My first Saab experience was with a Saab 9000 from the mid 1980s. I was really pleased when I got in touch again with the owner of that car, an old friend of mine named Nathan. I was even more pleased to find out that he’s still a Saab nut after all these years and I’m going to catch up with him when I’m next in Australia and check out his very hot Saab 9000 Aero.

But back to the mid-1980s…..

If you had a Saab of that vintage then you’re going to enjoy this retrospective on the 1986 Saab 9000 from Hemmings. It’s hard to imagine the 9000 as approaching any sort of vintage status, but I guess it is. Like the best of us 🙂


If your Saab-ish passions run a little deeper (i.e. older), then this look at a family and their Saab experiences might be more up your alley.

The guy at the center of the story, Tom Shehan, is pretty typical of the average long-term Saab nut. Either that, or he’s the guy that all Saab nuts would like to be: with a 96 in the garage and a Sonett under restoration.

If you read just one story from this Saabosphere post – make it this one.


Our friends on the Best of the Road tour around the US certainly seem to be visiting some interesting places. Any town with a giant Superman statue is cool place….

The Saabs have been seeing some action, too…..

Make sure you check into the Best of the Road website and check in on where the teams are visiting.

Right now Captain and Clark are (fittingly) in Clarksville TN, Jules and Joan have just visited Santa Claus (the town, not the person), the Wynns have just left Nagodoches, the Fun Finders have been visiting Rand and McNally’s HQ and the McNavigators have been to Marco Island, FL.

Nice work if you can get, eh?

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