Limited: Saab 9-4x in Ice Pearl and Atlantic Blue

I don’t normally do posts about vehicles a specific dealer has for sale, but I think you’ll understand why I’m covering these two vehicles when you see them.

These photos arrived overnight from the outbox of Just Saab in Ohio.

They show a couple of Saab 9-4x’s the dealership has just acquired for re-sale – and they’re rather special. The cars are 2011 models but feature exclusive paint/trim combinations that aren’t available as standard on the 2011 Saab 9-4x range. They are very early production models and have been used by Saab Cars NA for the last few months before being offered for sale.

Both cars have some miles on them (around 5-6K) but I’m sure you’ll agree they look absolutely stunning. I don’t think they’ll hand around for long.

Galleries below……

Saab 9-4x #1

  • Atlantic Blue Metallic / Gray Leather
  • 3.0i Premium
  • XWD
  • Moonroof
  • MSRP – $41,695.

Saab 9-4x #2

  • Ice Pearl Metallic
  • Parchment Leather
  • 2011 9-4x 3.0i
  • XWD
  • Moonroof
  • PowerPackage
  • MSRP – $39,705.00


CLICK to enlarge.

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  1. I’m not a fan of SUVs/CUVs, but the 9-4X looks NICE. Especially in those colors. I’d rather see them on the road than any other SUV/CUV.

  2. Steven – I know the Ice Pearl different than the Birch White, but how does it differ?  Is there a tint of some color that you can detect when you see it in person?  Also, wasn’t Ice Pearl one of the colors that was cancelled from next year’s line-up due to the Japan tsunami’s impact on that paint factory?  Great photos. – E

    1. Pearl is a so called Tri-Coat. One base layer, white in this case, and then a effect layer, without color pigment but other effect “particles”. Then on top Clear coat. The Birch white i do not know of? Is it a white color on 9-4x?

      1. Birch white is the standard color, and it’s what we have on dome of the 9-4x’s we have here in Trollhattan and it looks fantastic.  This looks great, too.  Looks a bit whiter.  AJ did mention in an email that the photos don’t capture the finish as good as they should, and these are just small lo-res images, too.

        1. Gentlemen – Thank you.  I have a dealer 340 miles away that expects two Ice Pearl Aeros this week.  Planning a trip to go see …

  3. Fantastic pictures. Love both colors and the parchement interior. Really really Saab looking! Thanks for the photos!

  4. I finally managed to get to a local dealer and check-out the new 9-4x yesterday.  Wow!  I can’t imagine wanting any other SUV than this one.  It’s simply stunning both inside and out.