Events – Saabs United Octoberfest

It’s great to see the guys over at Saabs United organising an event to bring together Saab fans from around Europe right here at the company’s home in Trollhattan. (disclosure – I seem to recall having some connections to the site back in a former life 🙂 )

The Saabs United Octoberfest will take place on October 1st, though for many, it’ll probably turn into a long weekend of Saabiness.

The event will be centered around ANA, the big Saab dealership here in Trollhattan. ANA are one of the primary sponsors, along with Hirsch Performance (Saab’s factory authorised tuning house) and prominent aftermarket tuners, Maptun. Svenska Saab Klubben and the Saab Turbo Club of Sweden will also assist.

Activities will kick off with a few convoys leaving from Malmö, Stockholm and Örebro to attend the event. There’s chatter about similar initiatives taking place from other cities outside of Sweden.

Once attendees arrive, there will be plenty to do with most events taking place around ANA. Sponsors will offering the opportunity for attendees to try their products as well as discounts for purchase. ANA Begagnade Delar (the guys behind the parts sale at Saab Festivals) will be joining Svenska Saab Klubben in offering some of the more hard-to-find bits and pieces.

Of course, the biggest attraction is just to be here and catch up with people, see the vehicles and enjoy a good time. I’m going to be attending the event and speaking as a Saab employee, I hope a lot of my colleagues can be there as well. We get a lot of support from our ownership community and as well as experiencing that first hand, it’d be great to show our appreciation for it, too.

The event will also feature a dinner, showcasing the Saabs United Historic Rally Team as well as a few other special guests.

This event is covered on the Inside Saab events page.

Those interested in attending should also bookmark the Octoberfest event page at Saabs United and keep checking back there for updated information.

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  1. I’m jealous of those who will attend as I will not be able to.  It sounds like a great party and it will also showcase the support that Saab has right now, even with all of the difficulties.  As usual Swade, I can’t wait to see all of the photos from the event on Inside Saab!

    1. For me, It’ll be nice to actually be able to attend, Curt.  I didn’t get to attend any of the convoys in 2010 and whilst this isn’t the same as those, it’ll be nice to have one of these events-in-more-difficult-times that I can support personally.  Pics will be plentiful.

  2. We are also planning a Saabtoberfest here in Minnesota, on Oct. 1st.  Location TBD.  It seems like a good day for some worldwide Saab support.  

  3. I would very much like to attend the SU Octoberfest, but unfortunetely there is a birthday and an anniversary in my family which I can hardly miss.
    But I will attend mentally if I can. 🙂

    1. I think SU are going to be hosting some online stuff from the event, Hans, so maybe you can sneak away for 10 mins and get yourself into trouble…… 🙂