Press Release: Swedish Automobile Issues Subscription Notice Under GEM Facility

Trollhättan, Sweden: Swedish Automobile N.V. (Swan) announces today that it issued a subscription notice for 4 million shares under the current EUR 150 million equity facility between Swan and GEM Global Yield Fund Limited. The exact number of shares to be issued and the price thereof will depend on the pricing period which commences today.

Swan and Saab Automobile AB continue their discussions with parties to obtain further short-term funding to be able to restart and sustain production.

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    1. If Saab makes it through the next year, then I think it will be fine by 2015 with all the plans for selling Saabs in China.  The new 9-3 replacement will also help as it will be a very modern car and the eXWD is supposed to help boost fuel economy quite a bit.

    1. Volvo is doing just fine under the Chinese. Under the agreement Saab still does all of the R&D. Don’t let racism or nationalism get in the way of the big picture which is that Saab at least would survive. Besides the Americans nor the Dutch did such a good job with Saab either. Maybe it’s time we give someone else a shot. 

    2. It has already been stated that any Saabs that get built in China via the (yet to be approved) joint venture between Saab, Youngman, and Pang Da would be for the Chinese market.  In the meantime, once production starts again, Pang Da has ordered a number of Saabs built in Trollhattan to sell in China.  That number would likely rise in the coming years.  So, there are no current plans to have any Saabs built in China to be sold in any of Saab’s traditional markets.