Saabosphere – links we liked this week

A quick Saabosphere this week. Is it early or is it late? Not sure.


This first one’s not a link, just a set of photos that no-one familiar with Saabs will find too surprising ūüėČ

From Andrew……


Yes, I know it’s a wagon, but BBTH has been the common catchcry….


I had the pleasure of sitting down to dinner last night with Rémi from Saabactu, a French Saab blog.

Saabactu is doing a great job of providing information for the French market. The site is well maintained, looks clean and is getting an audience, which is very encouraging for one of the bigger, but tougher European markets.

If you’re a French reader, make sure you bookmark it and check it out. There’ll be an interview with a certain writer here at Inside Saab appearing there in the coming weeks.


I know what you’re thinking…..

I’m a lover of three-cylinder two strokes and I’m an iPhone user. Where can I get an iPhone cover that looks like a three-cylinder gasket?

The Auto Prophet can tell you…..


I really enjoyed this post on the intelligent A-pillar over at Saabs United.

Nice to get away from who’s-demanding-what-from-whom for a change. And yes, I’m kind of jealous that I haven’t got to stuff like this yet (but there’ll be time for that).

Great work by Red J.


Congratulations to Nick Taliaferro in having one of his Trolltuner-built cars feature in Eurotuner magazine.

Get it while it’s hot.


And some non-linky internal thoughts…..

  • Readers who access this site on a mobile device should notice a slight improvement in the service rendered by Inside Saab. It should get even better over the weekend, too, with a few bits of custom tweakage about to happen.
  • Those waiting for late-Friday news can keep waiting until a future Friday.
  • It’s *nice* to see those accustomed to reporting bad news moving on to reporting future bad news in the absence of current bad news.
  • My 900 wouldn’t start this morning. Am hoping it’s just a battery. Booked in at ANA for service next week, anyway. It’s about time.
  • It’s been almost a week but I’m still enjoying IntSaab so much that my wristband is yet to come off!!

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  1. Thanks for making the mobile browsing changes, much appreciated!! I swear I could feel my phone get a few degrees warmer in my hand while loading inside.saab.

    BBTH!!! ūüôā

  2. Hej Swade,

    Indeed the reading of IS is much easier on IPhone. Just a little thing with the screening of the comments. Instead of trying to explain it in my frenglish, you should try on one of your colleague’s.

    Thx a lot for the good time.

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