Saab Wheels at IntSaab

I’m not sure why I decided to take these shots, but the detail-oriented side of my inner Saabisti found it very satisfying to do so.


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    1. I was thinking a similar thing about a game – match that wheel with the car they originally came on.¬† I found all the wheels I owned.¬† And I found myself saying things like…that came on a…or that was with the V-6…there’s what I use for the snows…etc…

  1. I love this sort of thing!¬† I take a wheel/tire shot for each car I place on our website (I work for a Saab dealer).¬† Wheels are an important part of¬†any¬†automobile¬†and can really accentuate¬†the vehicle’s¬†stance and proportions.¬† Having a touch of your detail oriented OCD myself, I think¬†this is a great micro view into Saab’s macro history.¬† Great work Swade!

  2. Hmm..Tri-Spoke Double Blade on a OG9-3.. Might be a better replacement than the Nails for my 3-spoke doubles.
    And everyone should have an Inca Wheel at home as sculpture

    1. I only saw one Viggen all weekend.  Lightning Blue and the rims were painted off-white.  Actually looked really good.  The problem is I only saw the car once, on the move as we left for the Nokian warehouse, and I never saw it parked at the hotel through the whole weekend.

  3. Noone had new three spoke Inca¬īs in 18″? I Love those rims.
    Like here on page 11

  4. Very nice=) I love it! But missing my favourite winter tyre alloys. Think they are called Aero92. I had them for my 9000 Aero.¬†A set of asymetrical tri spoke alloys that were really easy to keep¬†clean and that¬†in my opinion¬†looked really nice when fitted on the “wrong side”.

    Will be looking for e new set of winter alloys now as I’m back as a SAAB¬†owner again after almost a year without one.. My dealer just got in a 9-3 Aero Cab that was too tempting=)

  5. Missing the 15″ stainless steel wheel covers (flat with lots of round holes near the rim) that my ¬†1st classic 900i came with!

  6. It¬īs fun to see that tour of my six owned SAAB is represented. I have owned a 99 GLS from 1976, a 900i from 1985, a 9000 CD from 1988, a 900 turbo from 1995, a 9-3 aero from 2001 and now a 9-3 SC biopower from 2010. My next is going to be a 9-3 cabrio from 2012 and after that I¬īm thinking of going electric…

  7. This really shows how many nice designs Saab alloys have. Actually Saab is one of the few brands who uses alloys to make car look even more cool. Think of 900 Turbo (Inca) and 900 & 9000 Aero with “Aero” wheels.¬†