Saabs at the Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car Show

If you’re into classic cars and you don’t read Hemmings, you should. It’s that simple. It’s not just that it’s the bible when it comes to collectible automobiles, but some of the editors there have a real affection for Swedish metal, and Saabs in particular, so ‘our’ cars receive some very nice coverage every now and then.

Last weekend, Hemmings held their sixth annual Sports and Exotic Car Show at the Saratoga Auto Museum in New York. Mark McCourt from Hemmings emailed me today to share some of the Saab Spirit from the show…..

I was very pleased that we had a good Saab turnout… we normally have one or two, but this year, including mine, we had six. Those included “Shelby,” the flat-nose Turbo belonging to Linnea K. Arte L’s famous Surface Friction Tester and Gary Stottler’s charming GT 850, which we awarded our “Favorite Swedish Car” were also there. Also, Ric D (from the Commemorative Edition Register) brought his ’93 Turbo Convertible daily driver and vintage Saab parts supplier Don L brought his custom 96 V-4.

Ric’s ‘vert, my ‘S’ and Arte’s SFT were in the non-judged “1987-newer” section, while Linnea’s, Gary’s and Don’s cars were in the judged category. Notice that Gary and Shari S were being interviewed on camera, and Don’s 96 was one car down… it’s hard to see, but two white Toyota Supras were interspersed between two white Saab 96s!

Click to enlarge….

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