UPDATE: Swedish Car Day (Boston) postponed until Sept 4.

From Pierre at Charles River Saab:


The change is official.

Swedish Car Day has been rescheduled. I am announcing this earlier than previously stated. The museum needed to know today so as to arrange their staffing, and it did not look like there would be any significant news regarding the weather pattern. If anything, the forecast for 2-10” of rain in the northeast corridor preceding the hurricane made the change inevitable. Therefore:

Swedish Car Day 2011 will take place on September 4, 2011

Anyone who has already registered for Swedish Car Day and is still planning to attend doesn’t need to do anything further. If, unfortunately, you are unable to attend and you have registered, please cancel your reservation. If you have not yet registered but are planning on coming, please wait until noon on Friday by which time I will have adjusted the parameters at SCD Registration to enable sign-up on September 4.

The Saturday events, the Rally and pre-Swedish Car Day Gathering and Cookout will take place on September 3. If you were registered for the rally and plan on attending, no further action is required. If you were planning on participating but can’t please email me at pierre@crsaab.com. If you had not signed up for the Rally but want to participate on September 3, please wait until noon tomorrow and go to the same registration page as cited above and register for the September 3 date.

I know that the change will be a blessing to some, a hardship to others, but it was the only reasonable thing to do. Here’s to everyone staying safe as Irene makes her passage.

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  1. Stay safe, people!  Looks like Boston will be spared the worst of the storm, but it will still be nasty this weekend.  Vive la C900!!