Updates from the 2011 Saab Owners Convention

The 2011 Saab owners Convention is well and truly underway and it’s been great to get some updates from people on the ground there.

Of course, our own girl-on-the-ground, Stephanie from SCNA is there and she’s been having a lot of fun, meeting a lot of attendees and getting a feel for what a Saab owners gathering is all about – great cars and great people.

She’s also been getting a good feel for life in the convertible lane…..

Following is a nice gallery of shots sent in by Stephanie, Steve C and Greg Abbott.

Steve C attended one of the tech sessions held earlier on Saturday. The session was held at Reinertsen Motos, a Saab dealer and one of the SOC sponsors.

Jack Lawrence of Motor Sports Service was the featured speaker talking about lessons learned from his illustrious racing career with building and maintaining race cars based on Saab Sonetts and 96s. These shots include Len Schrader’s vintage racing 96s. The red one is signed by Erik Carlsson. Len is Principal and co-owner of Reinertsen Motors, Denville NJ.

The photos from the tech session were taken by Paul Ostensen.

Greg Abbott has sent in some beautiful images, including some from the dyno session held at the SOC as well as the parts sale.

Stephanies shots include images from Tim Colbeck’s presentation on the opening night (which by all accounts, went very well) as well as some images of the cars being shown at the event. A personal favourite of mine is Ralph B’s white Saab Sonett II, which I was fortunate enough to take for a drive around this time last year. Another personal favourite is the Blue 1980 Saab 900, which I believe belongs to another friend of mine, though I haven’t driven that one (YET!)

Click an image to enlarge…. (order of appearance – Greg’s, Steph’s, Paul/Steve’s)

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  1. It appears from the photos that the folks are having a good time and enjoying the weather.  One day, I’ll make it to an SOC.  Any idea where next year’s convention is?

  2. I’ve seen Mr. Schrader’s racing 96 in action at the Lime Rock Park vintage festival, and that thing is a beast on the track! The two-stroke drowns everything else out! It’s a hilarious little car. 🙂

    NJ isn’t too bad a drive, but I’ll be at Swedish Car Day this year. It’ll be my first major Saab event.