Video: Why I think XWD is the best all wheel drive system in the world

I made this video last year, whilst at the launch for the new Saab 9-5 in Sweden. We were at Volvo’s test track, which Saab had hired for the launch. I stumbled upon the video today as I was tidying up my hard drive and it reminded me of just how incredibly good the XWD system is.

You’ll need to be patient with this one. It’s around 9.5 minutes long and it shows a few different things. I think your patience will be rewarded, however, with an exhibition of just how incredibly intelligent and effective Saab’s XWD really is.

The video starts off looking at Drivesense, the switchable vehicle setting that debuted in the Saab 9-5. Drivesense changes the steering, suspension and throttle response settings according to selections made by the driver: comfort, sport or intelligent. In the video, a display is connected to show how intelligent mode varies the inputs according to conditions (and how it delays those variations if required – e.g. not changing steering settings whilst you’re cornering).

Later on (at around 5:30 in the video), there are some amazing displays of grip thanks to the Saab XWD system. Consider the conditions (very wet), the speed and the way that Stefan is pulling the steering wheel. The car just never got out of control. Absolutely amazing.


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    1. When the media exposure gets going again, footage like this of the car being ‘driven’ in real situations (and on real roads too) will really get the attention of the buyers who want to Feel their driving experience again. Those who may be driving an older competitor’s product and are looking for some Soul again.

  1. Nice video, Swade.  Now I want to take my 9-5 out and try the same thing.:)  Anyway you can arrange for a moose test here in Colorado?

  2. Great stuff Swade. I truly enjoyed this video when you posted it on SU back then. This very video is actually one big reason I decided to go with the 190 hp TTiD engine in my, soon to be delivered, 95 CS, as the HiPer strut suspension is standard with that engine.

  3. No need to watch the video 😉
    I remember how incredibly good the 9.5 stuck to the small mountain roads we were test driving it at Mayrhofen! Never ever felt like a 5 m / almost 2000 kg car!

  4. Wow, great video! I’m eager to test drive a Saab with XWD. And well done Swade…I would have lost my breakfast in that passenger seat!