Images from Swedish Car Day 2011 (Boston, MA)

These are the first images that have come through to me from Swedish Car Day 2011, hosted by Charles River Saab in Boston, MA.

I was so sad to miss this event and I’m really pleased to see that it went ahead after Hurricane Irene stopped the event being held on it’s intended date a week earlier.

My thanks to Mark S for sending these in. It looks like another fantastic collection of vehicles right from the 96s and Sonetts of yesteryear through to today’s Saab 9-4x.

Click to enlarge.

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  1. One of these days I have to ask Ralph for a ride in that Sonett!  We had a blast and I did a bit of networking too…there were some very pretty 900’s for sale! We missed you my friend and hope to see you next year…


  2. Thanks again for the great photos, Steven.  It seems that everyone had a great time and there were lots of Saabs involved in the event.  One day, I’ll be there to see all of the great automobiles.

    1. Great pics Jon! Was an awesome event, we had a great time there and enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones. 

      -Ryan and Caroline

  3. Oh wow! Look at that white Sonett! It does`nt get much prettier than that. And that yellow Viggen brings back some memories. I traded one for two weeks (the owner got a Cleveland 60 wedge BeCu, for those knowlegeble in golf) during the summer 2001. I took my, now whife then grilfriend, for some good rides in that car! 🙂
    Great post Swade.