Saab 900 Convertible vs Viggen – which is the better weekender?

The following is a query received here at Inside Saab. I tried to email a reply but it bounced, and I figured it’d be fun to place it here anyway to gather some thoughts from others.

I thought it might be useful to open it up to the masses for some feedback. It comes from Roberto A, in Mexico.


We don’t have many Saabs here in Mexico, and most of them are from GM’s time, so try growing up explaining your friends that SAAB’s are your favorites cars with no classic examples.

I remember one time traveling abroad, I picked up a magazine and seeing a SAAB ad, the one of Saab vs Saab featuring both Viggens – that was the moment I came to love the idea, the company, the philosophy, the brand.

Now I’m in my mid-twenties and already have paid for my first car (a 2008 Nissan Sentra, a perfect fit for my everyday work commute in Mexico City, but not by any means an emotional car) and I’m looking a weekend car. As you could imagine I want a Saab, and here is my question: 900 turbo convertible vs Viggen?

Remember, it’s only for the weekends but there aren’t many spare parts in Mexico, and doubtfully mechanics, so it would be really painful to keep the car in shape but i’m willing to do it. Which would be easier to mantain given the spare parts in US market?

Just quickly, as much as I absolutely adore the Viggen, if you were looking for an absolute classic to keep for a long time, then I’d look for a good late model 900 Convertible. They’re just so very beautiful and still very rewarding to drive.

But if you don’t like the sun beating down on you all the time, then you should easily fall in love with a Viggen, too. (Just make sure it’s a Lightning Blue 3-door)

Vote #1 – C900 Convertible.
Vote #2 (narrow margin) – Viggen.

That’s my quick 2 cents. Please provide your thoughts for Roberto in comments.

And Roberto – good luck with your search!

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  1. Yes, for a weekend car I would go with convertible. The Viggen is fun and fast but driving with an open roof on a sunny day or clear night is one of those awesome pleasures we can enjoy in life.

  2. Given that Roberto’s in Mexico, shouldn’t he get a 9-4x? Just kidding (sort of).

    My fear in Mexico would be that some of the systems on the Viggen might not be as easily addressed by a amateur mechanic or even a mechanic more used to VW Type 1s and Ford F-150s, whereas the classic 900 is, Saab quirks aside, a more “traditional” car (at least from a maintenance and repair standpoint).

    Parts are likely difficult for both, with a slight edge for the Viggen because of its GM roots.

    1. A Viggen in Mexico could be just the ticket to blow off bad guys in Black Suburbans! Can you imagine a Convertible in Cabo San Lucas in August with my bald head even with a cap on! Can you get 93 octane gas for one? This is key.

  3. The Viggen because my bald head is too sensitive. If the opportunity then I open the sunroof. Remember the first time I ever drove a SAAB Convertible was during the Memorial Day Parade, that I posted on SU in May. 

    It is just my personal preference and my sister in London is the opposite with her 2007 9-3 Convertible.

  4. Roberto I’m the current owner of a 2002 Viggen convertible. However, I would choose the C900 convertible over a Viggen hatchback (?). If you can find yourself a Viggen convertible, grab it! The best of both worlds!

  5. I might be a little bias here when owning a 900 turbo Convertible but one big thing of driving that particular convertible is the sound of the exhaust and that turbo engine. It is just a pure Saab sound!!! So if going for the 900 Convertible, go for the turbo…

  6. A Viggen is such a great car. Only reason I would get rid of mine would be for a lightning blue convertible.

    Swade- Any chance of being able to get a higher resolution image of the Saab vs. Saab picture?

  7. I don’t have a 900 convertible….. But I do have a 900 Aero along with a Viggen as well.

    I love the 900 and it has a special place in my life, as I’ve owned it for 12 years.


    When I walk up to my Viggen, I say “Damn… That’s one good looking car”

    When I start the Viggen I get a shiver up my spine, and I say “Damn… That’s one thunderous engine”

    There’s a chemical joy that the Viggen gives my brain, and the 900 doesn’t quite have the same effect.

    Get the Viggen! Or follow Jose’s advice and get a Viggen convertible and enjoy both worlds.

    There’s also an easily accessible supply of stock and performance replacement parts available online for the 9-3 or Viggen… Much more so than for a 900.

    Happy shopping…. Definitely Viggen / Viggen Vert 🙂

  8. definitly->>>>>>>>>>>> Vote #1 – C900 Convertible.
    Some months ago I just bought a 900 I CV 1993 (900S) with perfect body and broken engine. It is my first Saab CV. I invest money to get him running and now whe are looking every weekend for the weather to go out with oben roof. It is a dream!!     

  9. I’ve had a 99 Turbo, a C900 Convertible and currently own a 1988 SPG and a 2001 Viggen. I absolutely love all of them. Each has their own very unique qualities, very different from each other. I think the best approach is to own as many Saabs as you can : )

  10. I have a 2000 Viggen since 2007. Every ride, every single on of them, it creates something special. A smile, a laugh, raises the heartbeat, it’s not explicable.
    If a tire is a bit low, you feel it right away. If an engine strap is a bit used, you feel it. I Never had a car speaking to me so much. It develops a special relationship. Ok it’s crazy.