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It’s been another big week or so in the immediate life and times of Saab Automobile. We’re relieved to be in calmer waters now, but we know that there’s a lot of work to be done and we have plans in place to do it.

You can read some initial information about Project Cheetah in English here, or in Swedish here. I’ll see if there’s some more information about this process that I can bring forward in the near future.


If you’re still catching up on what’s happened with Saab this week, the best summary news article is at Bloomberg (as usual).


And on the same theme, here’s some video of Victor Muller from yesterday, reacting to the reorganisation decision. Video picked up by Saabworld.



Your must-read for this week is the Saab 900 Enduro website.

If you’re not familiar with it, the Saab 900 Enduro is a rather bonkers edition of the 900 that was commissioned by Saab Australia back when the 900 first came out. There were only 12 of them ever made and it’s thought that only half of those still exist.

I’m hoping to do a video with at least one – and maybe more – of the existing Enduros, some time in the near future. Contact was made earlier this year and we’re just waiting on some further restoration to one of the cars.

Should be fun.


Those of you who are interested in scale model Saabs really, and I mean really, have to add Griffin Models to your bookmark list.

The site’s not complete, but when you visit, you can see some of the stuff they’ll be selling, as well as reading about how they’re making them. Hand made from scratch.

Great stuff.


I have a couple of other links to send on, but they’re so big that they really deserve posts of their own.

So they will come tomorrow.

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  1. If you’re looking for SAAB model/toy info, I complied a pretty big list some years ago. Haven’t kept it up lately, but could be encouraged to do so!