Saab events in Italy – incl OctoberFest coming up!

Before I give you the details on the October 1st events happening in Italy, let me recap the Flying Saabs event that was recently held at an airfield in Verona.

It looks like they put a lot of effort into preparing for this event and got a good attendance as a result – so congratulations to the Saab Club Italia for putting it together. Nearly 70 people attended the event, travelling from all over Italy to be there, plus an international attendee from Switzerland.

It was a two-day event and Saab News covered the Sunday proceedings, which for some attendees meant parachute jumping and gliding (it was called ‘Flying Saabs’ for a reason, after all) and for others, it meant throwing their classic Swedish metal around the test track set up at the airfield.

The full report (and HEAPS of photos) are at Saab News.

Congratulations, again. It’s not all to report from Italy, though. See below the photos for Italian plans for a Saab Octoberfest event.


Saab Octoberfest – October 1st

I’ve received the following details from Saabway Club (the other Italian Saab Club) about a gathering planned for October 1st, in conjunction with the Octoberfest activities that will be happening here in Trollhattan, organised by Saabs United.

Anyone in Italy who would like to attend should get the full details here.

The Event will be held at Autodromo della Franciacorta (a region between Milano and Brescia). This is the same location we had for the Saab Support Convoy. Let’s hope it could bring us some luck as it succeded last time! 😉

The program is as follows:

11:00 – Meeting at the track where we’ll find a reserved place to put all our Saabs together in the central parking.

12:00 – Lunch at track’s Restaurant.

15:00 – Possibility to race on Go-Karts and set up a Mini Saabist Kart Grand Prix.

Autofficina Sonia, our Saab Service partner in Milano which is also Hirsch dealer, will make free checkups of the cars with Tech2, they will also make free test drives, inspections, DPF rigenerations, Saab software updates, personalize car software settings and maybe give the possibility to try Hirsch software.

There will be also a list of parts and accessories with special price for the day (details into our forum’s link).

Again, if you’re looking to attend, check out the forum page for this event.

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  1. Off topic , tho I’m so glad to see clubs doing well in support of SAAB cars , but the waiting on the courts is rough ….