Saabosphere – "The Best" edition – links we liked this week

We have the best people here at Saab.

Readers of this website will know that I’ve been talking about why their is so much belief here in what we do. It’s why we continue to fight for this company’s future when the “experts” out there tell us we should give up. But it’s not about tough circumstances, it’s about the product and the future.

It’s not just me talking about it, either. A couple of Saab people from our engineering department have taken it upon themselves to write to the biggest paper in Gothenburg. Their letter has been published and you can read an English translation of it at Life With Saab (enthusiast site).

The separation from GM gave many of us the necessary confidence in the future to complete a number of the future-oriented development projects. Our loyalty can be simply explained by the fact that we want to see the car in which we put so much energy also drive out on the roads. We want the picky consumers to experience the driving characteristics we have developed.

Read the full letter, entitled “Don’t Count Saab Out” at Life With Saab.


We also have the best fans here at Saab.

One of our most active enthusiast websites, Saabs United, is hosting a weekend gathering here in Trollhattan, along with companion gatherings in a number of cities around the world.

Informal gatherings will take place on Friday night with the full program of events happening on Saturday, October 1st.

Click here for full details of the SU Octoberfest

09:00 – Event opens at ANA
09:10 – Welcome speech by Tim Rokka, Joachim Lind, Manfred Lenherr and Fredrik Bengtsson
09:20 – Cars for test-drive arrive
09:30 – Test Drive of original Saab Cars and Hirsch Tuned Saab Cars begins
09:30 – Car Show begins
09:30 – Boot-sale begins
10:00 – Test Drives begins (test-drive hirsch / maptun software in your own car!)
11:00 – Presentation of MapTun Performance by Fredrik Bengtsson
12:00 – Presentation of SAAB 9-3 e-Power
13:00 – Presentation of Hirsch Performance by Manfred Lenherr
15:00 – Test-Track closes
16:00 – ANA Closes
18:00 – Dinner event starts
19:00 – Presentation of SUHRT & Saab History (Jörgen Trued is the host with several interesting guests!)
23:30 – Thank you and good night!

I’ll be there. Ex-Saab Finnish rally champion Simo Lampinen will be there, too, amongst a host of others.

I hope you’ll be there, too.


And speaking of rally champions, we have the best former Saab works drivers still winning trophies 🙂

Congratulations to Per Eklund on winning the Swedish Supercar Championship decided at the final round of the Swedish rallycross circuit at Kinnekulle last weekend.


It was nice to see a particular Saab Sonett pop up on Flickr today. I’d actually received some photos of the same car via email just a few days before.

It’s owned by a guy I’ve not met in person, but have corresponded with quite a bit over the years. It’s one of the very few Saab Sonetts that have made their way into my native homeland, in Australia.

The car is owned by Stephen B and last weekend he and his wife Wendy broke out some 1970s clothing and took their 1970s Saab to the “Bay to Birdwood Classic”.

The Bay to Birdwood is one of the bigger drive-and-concours events in the world, including over 1,800 vehicles. And Stephen tells me that whilst there were quite a few Volvos in attendance (including a P1800 that finished Top-10 in the concours), there was only one Saab – his.

Looked great, too.

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  1. No comments yet! Strange!
    I’ll recommend everyone to read the letter “Don’t Count Saab Out”! Or the original letter here:
    The letter made me glad, and I’ve linked to it earlier today in a comment under an article from last week in

  2. The “Don’t Count Saab Out” letter was really good, and I can assure you that I haven’t counted Saab out before and not now either! SAAB = Still Alive And Breathing! 🙂