A new week begins for Saab

It was good to have a weekend to get away from things, to recharge a little and come back ready to tackle all the things waiting to be done. Monday morning is upon us and it’s a new week, and another big week for Saab Automobile.

Our Memorandum of Understanding with new prospective owners Youngman and PangDa was signed just last Friday and today that MoU will see its first test – a creditors meeting at the Vanersborg district court. This hearing is a standard part of our reorganisation process and it will see our business plan presented by our Administrator, Guy Lofalk.

We need the approval of 75% of our creditors to see the plan proceed and if that it achieved, our reorganisation will continue.

That will be a good first step. There are a number of other steps to be taken and approvals to be gained before our future is set in stone. There are several Swedish authorities that need to approve this deal, as well as the European Investment Bank, our former owner, General Motors, and of course there is still Chinese approval required from the NDRC.

All of these bodies will be dealt with methodically and in due course. Each represents a hurdle of a different size, however we’re confident that we can present a workable case to all of them.


I started working at Saab at the beginning of April this year and the story of this company has had so many twists and turns since that time. ‘Twin Peaks’ creator David Lynch couldn’t have come up with a more twisted storyline if he tried. It would be a little bit naïve to think that absolutely everything was tied up neatly right now, but hopefully the remaining curves on this road are gentle ones.

Already, there have been some good stories coming into my inbox. Signs of a ‘Saab Spring’, if you don’t mind the metaphor.

    A dealership in the US happily reporting their first Saab 9-4x sale over the weekend, calling it ‘the first of many’.

    Saab of North Olmsted embarking on the biggest dealership promotion I’ve ever encountered with the Snap Up a Saab campaign that will run throughout November.

    A guy I’m familiar with from my old website, Saabs United, writing to me for wheel and tyre advice for the 9-4x he’s importing from the USA into his home country.

    And the continuation of the Saab Dealer Tour through Germany, which I’m desperately disappointed that I can’t participate in personally, and which I’ll share some more photos from shortly.

We have so much to do, and so much to share. We’ve got so many good things on the horizon. I can’t wait to have this deal put to bed so that we can get back to building some absolutely fantastic vehicles once again.

It’s a new week. The ride isn’t over yet. It’s just beginning.

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  1. Shouldn’t it read “creditors” instead of “shareholders”, or have I misunderstood today’s meeting?

  2. So how are you going to keep your blog as nail-biting, cliff hanging, and suspenseful next year when the company is running smoothly again 😉 

    1. I’ll be happy to do away with nailbiting and replace it with interesting, compelling and informative – all from a product and brand point of view 🙂

  3. Good luck SAAB ! I hope all involved authorities will soon approve the deal so that all SAAB, supplier and dealer  employees can finally do their job with some peace of mind.

  4. Steven, by way of background, I live in California, saw my first 9000S in New Zealand in 1985 and became a real SAAB follower then, bought my first in 1986, still have a parked 1996 9000CS….my mother bought a 1999 9-5 which just recently expired due to sludging, and I’m now the proud owner of a gently used by dealer staff but new to me as of 1 July….new 9-5 2.0 4 Turbo….the best Saab yet to me!   Looking at the sales data as of June/July I’m one of 800+ people in the USA to own one, makes me feel like the days of 1960s when my parents bought their first Mercedes-Benz, back in the days when MBZ drivers would wave to passing cars….and my first car, Porsche 914, when we would flash our lights at other passing Porsches!

    Cute story, at our local independent grocer, one of the baggers asked me just the other day what ‘BioPower’ meant, so I told him the virtues of E85, and one of the checkout people told me that ‘I love your car, sure never seen one of those before’.  I’ve got to drive 50 miles to fill with E85, and I’ll do to offset oil consumption, and now I’ve a Mom with Alzheimers, and she loves the music I can cue up with the iPod integration…and she’s calm, and with the Bluetooth stuff I can even use Siri on the iPhone 4S and speak to the phone….and its just seamless!

    When I bought my first SAAB a co-worker said ‘you’ll never buy another one, no one buys a second SAAB’, so when you count my Mom’s purchase, and my sisters 1985 900, I’ve been involved in 5 SAAB purchases and still recommend the cars….let’s hope for a nice end of the roller-coaster!

    And my wonderful B+B Saab informed me that the replacement seat cover for passenger seat came in (after four months)…so we’re heading there tomorrow for seat cover fitting!  Parts are flowing…and that’s good I think!

    Good Work Steve…keep it up!