Coverage from the last 24 hours of Saab news

A few pieces from the web that I think people should check out as they try to digest the news from today……..

Firstly, there’s an interview with Saab CEO Victor Muller on Radio P4 West, from Sweden. It’s in English.

Lyssna: Saabs vd, Victor Muller, om företagets situation


From the observer/enthusiast point of view, Life with Saab has summarised the day’s events quite well. It’s a piece of reasoned and measured analysis that I personally think sums up the situation nicely.


If I can provide a rather basic summary of what’s transpired:

  • Saab had agreements in place with Youngman and Pang Da for the distribution of vehicles in China and the formation of a manufacturing joint venture. Some of these agreements were binding and some still in development. These involved Youngman and PangDa taking an ownership stake in Saab totalling just over 50%. The agreements were subject to approval to the NDRC and this process was progressing well, having passed provincial and local approval with national approval very close to being decided.
  • Mr Lofalk is reported in newspapers as having investigated a 100% takeover of Saab by Youngman and PangDa. This is in spite of the aforementioned agreements, and regardless of the fact that Saab’s reorganisation submission was based on the above agreements, and also without Saab’s knowledge.
  • Saab had a bridge financing agreement in place with Youngman for an amount of 70mil Euros, however there seem to have been complications with this agreement, to the point where Saab could not count on the full amount of the agreement being received in a timely manner. An instalment has been paid.
  • Saab sought and found alternative bridge financing arrangements in the United States, announced yesterday.
  • Despite this deal, Guy Lofalk has indicated that funding is not sufficient to continue reorganisation and has submitted an application for the reorganisation to be stopped. Saab will seek to appeal this and have Guy Lofalk replaced as administrator.

That’s not comprehensive by any means, and does not include all the side shows such as Geely, etc, but I think you should get the picture.

Some further resources:

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  1. In that fine American tradition, there is only one thing to do: Road Trip! Oh, I guess your already on a Road Trip. Sorry. Maybe Lofalk would like to talk to GM next?

    Just a thought. 

  2. Lofalk – get out of the way – you are of no help at all.
    Saab – keep fighting – the Lofalk’s of this world cannot be allowed to prevail.

  3. Will NSC transfer more money today……. Will the court continue reorg???   Pfffff nervewracking!

  4. Seems to me, based on the various reports, that we have reached the stage now where the differences can’t be attributed to misunderstandings or interpretations anymore. Either Lofalk or Muller (or both, I guess) is lying, pure and simple. This is a very unpleasant situation.

  5. What I smell here behind all the apparent superficialities is that Victor Muller’s team is fighting to retain a modicum of European control of Saab, whereas Guy Lofalk’s financial assessment has led him to make the decision to flog off 100% of the Company to Pang Da/Youngman. This of course is what the Chinese duo would want, despite it going against the original agreement on paper. We can see that Pang Da/Youngman have bartered this deal with Lofalk, and here we have a clear example of the infidelity that goes on in the business world, where the buzzards are hovering over the vulnerable carcass of our tasty Saab. The outcome is not clear, except to see maybe what percentage of Chinese ownership will eventually arise, and therefore what amount of European control will also remain, both in the short term end the long term.

    1. Chinese ownership should not be a problem.  Volvo is already Chinese owned.

      It’s the unfairly low price that they are offering to pay to acquire Saab which is the problem.