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Hi all,

I’m currently back in my home country, Australia, which is why the second press release from last night was posted by Ludvig, my colleague at Saab.

That explains some of the quietness around here the last few days.

To answer a few of the questions that popped up…..

Who is Ludvig?

Ludvig and I work together in social media at Saab. He’s Swedish, very experienced at what he does, and I’m told he has rock-hard abs. Both of our roles have been somewhat restricted by Saab’s current circumstances, which is why we haven’t generated as much social content as we would like. But we continue to plan and await the opportunity to execute.

Am I still working for Saab?

Upon hearing that I’d returned home, one friend asked if I was still working for Saab.

The answer is Yes, absolutely. I just had to return home after three months in Sweden. The timing is pretty unfortunate, to say the least, but was necessary. I’m looking to get back to Sweden in November and will be working from Oz in the meantime.

What are you working on?

Being here makes it a little slower in getting content together, for obvious reasons. Time zones can be a PITA.

Right now, I’m working on a few things that should be quite interesting for people to see:

  • An interview with former Saab rally driver, Simo Lampinen
  • Your Q&A responses, part 2
  • What the Swedish police thought about the Saab 9-5
  • And of course, the Facebook 100,000 fans celebrations, which are coming along remarkably well.

What’s happening at Saab?

Being in Australia, I was asleep when the second press release was published earlier today, announcing Guy Lofalk’s intentions to seek an end to administration and Saab’s intentions to appeal and have him replaced. I’ve just woke up to this news myself and being so far away from what’s going on, I’m also still trying to understand it.

Obviously, with this being a company website, I am very limited in what I can say about it due to market sensitivities. My understanding, however, is that the court would look at these actions quite quickly, so I think the matter should be decided soon. Which way the decision will go is a matter for the court and the parties making their submissions. It will be extremely interesting to see if the reasons behind the applications are made public.

If you have been following trusted news sources on this issue in the last weeks, there appears to be a theme emerging, one that seems to have culminated in the most recent events.

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  1. Hi Steven, I never realized you were australian. Must be good to be back?! I missed al the “fun” this afternoon because I had a meeting. It cost me quite a bit of money not to be able to react to the press releases. Muller did an interview with P4 and he sounds like he still believes in a good future for SWAN. I hope my shares will still be worth someting tomorrow….. Not sure NSC is as strong as Pang Da and Youngman together.

  2. OMG.

    They could base a TV show on all that had happened.
    I don’t like it, but it must be hell for those involved.

    Keep up the fighting spirit.